What is Zipair Tokyo Cancellation Refund Policy ?

ZIPAIR Tokyo Cancellation and Refund Policies

ZIPAIR Tokyo provides an amazing flight experience to passengers. Apart from unbeatable inflight services and supporting customer services they have framed several policies to help customers to manage their bookings, cancel their reservations, or to claim a refund. 

If any passenger cancels his booking or wishes to get back his money, then he must follow ZIPAIR Tokyo Cancellation Refund Policy. A detailed description of the same is provided in the following section.  

ZIPAIR Tokyo Cancellation Policies: 

Customers must follow the following important flight cancellation policies before canceling their flight tickets:

  • If any customer cancels his booking within the initial 24 hours of flight reservation, then he is eligible to make the cancellations free of cost.

  • If any passenger cancels a booking after 24 hours of a risk-free period, then he must pay an additional flight cancellation charge to the airline.

  • If your flight is canceled by ZIPAIR Tokyo due to any reason that is under airline control, then they will either provide you with an alternate flight option, or you can claim compensation for the inconvenience caused.

  • If the reason for your flight cancellation is medical, then you must provide the supporting medical documents to verify your reason, and you are eligible to cancel a booking without paying an additional fee. 

ZIPAIR Tokyo Refund Policies: 

In order to receive a refund from ZIPAIR Tokyo, customers are advised to follow the refund policies of the airline. Some of the important highlights are mentioned below:

  • Customers are eligible to receive a full refund for flights canceled and refund requests made on the same day of flight bookings.

  • If customers make a refund request after 24 hours of booking, then there will be a deduction in the amount refunded.

  • Full refunds are provided for flight cancellations due to medical emergencies of passengers or immediate family members, provided they attach the verifying documents. 

ZIPAIR Tokyo Cancellation and Refund Process: 

Customers can use the online or offline approach to cancel their booking and claim a refund. A detailed description of both options is given below:

Online Flight Cancellation and Refund Procedure: 

Travelers Must follow the online steps provided below to cancel their booking and claim a refund:

  • Visit the official ZIPAIR Tokyo airline website.

  • Tap on the manage booking option from the top menu bar.

  • Either login using your existing credentials or use the flight confirmation-code followed by entering the passenger's name to find your reservation.

  • Once you get your flight ticket, you must tap on the “cancel my booking” option.

  • Press on the confirmation checkbox.

  • Soon you will get the flight cancellation message on your linked phone number.

  • To request a refund, you must tap on the refund form link provided.

  • Fill in all the mandatory fields of the form.

  • You must give a brief description of why you wish to get a refund in the message box.

  • Finally, attach the supporting documents, review your details, and press the submit button. 


Offline Flight Cancellation and Refund Procedure: 

Customers can also use the offline method to cancel their bookings and claim a refund. They must dial the official calling number and follow the instructions provided by an automated voice to get in touch with the corresponding ZIPAIR Tokyo representative. As the call gets forwarded, customers must provide their flight cancellation and refund request reason and must provide booking details to proceed further.

Conclusion: Customers must take note that refunds will only be provided if requests are made within 90 days of flight departure in the original mode of transaction. They must always obey ZIPAIR Tokyo return ticket policy to reschedule their bookings. 

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