Can I Reserve An Airline Ticket and Pay Later?

Which Airline Can Book A Ticket and Pay Later?

The 'book now and pay later option has become very popular in the aviation industry. It breaks all the barriers for people who used to avoid air travel because of the high prices. Using the 'book now and pay later option, you can book your flight and make the payment later. Almost every airline these days provides this service. 

However, if you doubt it, can I book an airline ticket and pay later? Then the answer is yes. In this article, we will discuss the various airlines that are offering this option; you can get through the complete article below to discover every detail.

Airlines Offering Book Now Pay Later Flights

Allegiant Airlines

The airline uses Klarna and Uplift to provide its users with monthly payment options. If you wish to opt for Uplift, you can book your ticket and choose 'pay monthly' on the payment page. You can get more details on the official website.

Delta Airlines 

Delta airlines offer Paypal credit as a payment option if you opt to book now and pay later flight. Passengers who want to book a trip through delta vacations, a service for SkyMiles members that plan their entire vaccination, etc., can opt for Affirm as a payment option. 

KLM Airlines 

The airline offers its passengers an option to hold the fare for 72 hours by paying a non-refundable fee. Besides, they allow you to 'book now and pay later by providing payment options like 'Bill me Later, PayPal. You get these options on the payment page, along with different card choices.

Lufthansa Airlines 

The airline provides you with multiple payment options on its website and allows you to 'Book now and pay later. The payment options are mainly based on the country you are making the reservation. Some Payment options they offer are Klarna, Uplift, and Paypal.

Qatar Airways

The airline allows you to hold your booking for 72 hours, depending on the region in which you are located. The hold option is available on the payments page. You need to pay a certain fee to hold your booking, which is non-refundable. You can opt for 'book now and pay later and use the payment option PayPal for it.

Spirit Airlines 

You can book your ticket with Spirit Airlines and use Uplift as a payment option to pay monthly. You get this option on the payment page where total ticket prices appear. The other payment options you can opt for are affirm and Klarna.

United Airlines 

If you book your flight ticket with United airlines and want to use the book now and pay later, choose Klarna, Uplift, and Paypal credits as the payment options. You also get an option called' Farelock,' where by paying a fee, you can hold your particular ticket for three, seven, and fourteen days. Your Farelock fee gets forfeited if you decide not to buy the ticket. The Farelock option is valid for itineraries wholly operated by United Airlines and United express.

Reading the information above, you will get clarity about which airline provides 'Buy Now Pay Later Flight Tickets' options. Given above is the limited list; these days, almost every airline facilitates a pay-later option. To know about any particular airline, you can explore its payment options.


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