What is the difference between a Delta ecredit and eticket?

What is the difference between a Delta ecredit and eticket?

The ‘e’ in front of the credit and ticket stands for electronic, so ecredits are your electronic credit points, and etickets are your normal tickets but present in an electronic format. 

Most prominent difference between the two is that; you receive the ecredit in the Delta ecredit refund, and it holds monetary value that can only be used towards the purchase of Delta Airlines services, and your eticket represents an electronic reservation that holds a record locator number, which helps in unique identification of your reservation with the airline. 

Ecredit Rules 

There are certain Delta ecredit rules that one must follow when using them. Since these points are credited into one’s account as compensation for refunds, and in rare cases, for the compensation of other inconveniences, different policies surround their usage. These are:

  • These ecredits points are valid for around one year from the issue date.

  • You can use these to purchase future flights with Delta and other associated services. 

  • When using these credits, you need to provide credit card details for verification purposes. 

  • You can not use the credit for 72 hours after the issue. However, you can go for Delta ecredit redeem within 72 hours under emergency cases. 

  • If you booked a flight via ecredit and it gets canceled, the airline will reissue the exact points.  

  • You can not combine more than 5 ecredit vouchers towards a single payment. 

  • As a passenger, you have the right to use your ecredit to pay for the airport surcharges and government-imposed taxes. 

  • While making payment using these points, you may only combine two other modes of payment to complete the transaction. In general, the combination should not exceed three modes of payment. 

  • The rules do not allow Delta ecredit transfer to another passenger, irrespective of their relation to you.

  • You can redeem your credit for flight booking, airline-related services such as purchasing food and beverages, check-in of extra luggage, adding extra services, upgrading your flight seat, etc. However, you can not use it on services outside the airline authority, such as taxi booking, grocery shopping, etc. 


How to redeem the ecredit

You can go for your ecredit redemption in two ways:

The official website

You need to first log into your account and then:

  • Open the Delta booking management tool, If you need to add services to your existing flight or modify it.

  • Select a flight as per your need for a new booking, and then proceed to the payment page. 

  • Make sure that your points have not crossed the Delta ecredit expiration date, usually after one year from issue date. 

  • Once you are on the payment page, either for adding services or flight reservations, select the option to use the credit points. 

  • The system will deduct the credit amount by asking you to follow certain pop-up steps. 


Delta Mobile App


The process is similar to the one above; select what you need to pay for, and the system automatically converts your delta ecredit to cash to complete the process at the payment page. 

Customer Care

Another hassle-free means to use the credit points is taking help from the support team. You can connect with them via telephone, email, live chat, social media, or by visiting the ticketing counter at the airport or the airline service center. The Delta ecredit customer service personnel have the provision to help you utilize such points and to complete the process. So you can connect with the team for clarification and ask them to complete this process on your behalf. 

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