What is the Baggage Allowance for Austrian Airlines?

Get to Know the Baggage Policy of Austrian Airlines

Suppose a passenger knows when they are having their flight. In that case, they also must know about the baggage policy of the airline because if anybody is not aware of the policy, they may be charged an additional fare if they breach any of the prescribed baggage policies. So, if you want to know the  Baggage Policy of Austrian Airlines and how much they are allowed to carry baggage and other related information, you may go through the information mentioned below; please have a look:

Understand the Baggage Policy:

If you are flying with Austrian Airlines, you must know how much luggage is allowed on board, how much you can carry, etc., because if you exceed any of the prescribed limits, you will be charged additional fare from the airlines, and the worst is denial the check-in of luggage. So, to avoid this, look at the points mentioned below:

  • If you have Economy or Premium Economy Class tickets, you are permitted to carry 1 piece of luggage as carry-on baggage. 

  • For Business class ticket holders, 2 pieces of luggage are allowed. 

  • The dimensions should be 55cm x 40cm x 23cm, and the weight must not be more than 8 KG. 

  • You are also allowed to take 1 personal item along with carry-on baggage with a maximum dimension of 40 x30x10cm. 

  • As checked baggage, if you have Economy light, you have no free Baggage Allowance for Austrian Airlines. But for Economy Classic and Flex, you are permitted to carry 1 baggage with a maximum weight of 23 KG. 

  • For Business class, 2 checked bags are permitted to carry for free. 

  • If you exceed the limitations, you will be charged excess baggage fees from the airlines. 

  • You are also permitted to take any sports equipment or a musical instrument onboard, but for that, you are required to inform the airline at the time of making a reservation. 

  • The airline also offers you an opportunity to carry additional baggage on the flight. Still, for this, you have to speak with the customer executive of the airline, where you may also be asked to pay the additional fare for baggage exceeding. 

  • There are circumstances when the airline provides special transport for baggage that exceeds the size of 158 CM. This may lead to an increase in flight costs. So, to avoid this, you must inform the airline beforehand to avoid any trouble. 

  • All infants are not permitted carry-on baggage, and their items must be packed in adult baggage. 

Are there any fees for exceeding baggage limits?

The airline charges additional fees from passengers who exceed the baggage limitations, so t get more information about the same, you are advised to look at the points mentioned below:

  • If you are flying within Austria, you will be charged €40/$45 for exceeding a size 158CM.

  • If your flight is within Europe, if your baggage is between 23 to 32 KG and the bag exceeds a size of 158 CM, you will be charged €150- €170. 

  • For further clarification, you are advised to reach out to the customer executive of the airline, where you will be given the updated fee information about the same. 

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