What are preferred seats on SWISS?

SWISS Airlines Preferred Seats

Reserving the desired seat during your journey is an essential step to ensure a comfortable traveling experience. SWISS Airlines allows customers to reserve the desired flight seat either during booking or after flight reservation. Swiss airlines provide standard, preferred, and extra legroom seats to customers in different traveling classes to enjoy their trips. You will get detailed information in the following section.

What are the Preferred Seats On SWISS Airlines? 

Preferred seats are provided in the preferred zone of Swiss flights. It is situated just behind the Business class. It enables customers to board and leave the plane first. If you wish to reserve Swiss European flights, then preferred seats are already included in your flex fares. For Swiss intercontinental flights, you must pay additional charges to reserve preferred seats. Before selecting preferred seats, customers must go through the seat selection policies mentioned below.

Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policies:

If any person wishes to reserve preferred seats on SWISS Airlines, the following important policies must be obeyed.

  • If you wish to reserve your desired seat without paying an additional fee, then you must make the seat selection within 24 hours of the initial booking. Otherwise, you need to pay an amount for seat selection. 

  • You can reserve your desired seats based on seat availability.

  • If any person wishes to reserve a seat near the washroom due to any medical condition, he must provide medical certificates to verify the request and get seats without paying any fee to the airline. 

  • If you wish to upgrade your seat from the lower traveling class to the higher class, you must pay the remaining amount to the airline. On the other hand, if you change your reservation from higher class to lower class, the differential amount will be refunded as a traveling voucher or in your original mode of payment. 

  • If any passenger does not reserve his seat during online flight booking or at the airport during check-in, then the airlines automatically allot seats to the travelers. 

Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Procedure: 

There are two processes to select a seat on a Swiss Air plane. Both options are described in the following section in an elaborated way. 

Online Procedure: 

  • Visit the official SWISS airlines website.

  • Now you must select your language from the top menu bar.

  • If you are a Swiss-registered user, you must login into your existing Swiss account using your id and password.

  • Click on “book and manage,” followed by “reserve a seat.”

  • You can book seats up to 48 hours before flight departure. 

  • Enter the booking reference number and passenger’s name to discover your flight option.

  • As you get the desired flight, you must proceed to make a seat selection. 

  • Now you will be displayed an available seat map. You must go through the price and availability of your desired option and click on the confirmation button. And proceed to make an additional payment. 

Seat Selection at the Airport: 

Travelers can also select their particular seats at the airport during the time of check-in. They must provide their traveling details to the representative and ask them about all the available options to select seats. Finally, they must end the seat selection procedure by making the remaining payment and confirming the decision.

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