Everything you need to know about the United Seat Selection Policy

Everything you need to know about the United Seat Selection Policy and process

United Airlines is a leading American Airline operating in a wide network of domestic and international destinations. It is well known to be one of the best airlines catering best quality customer services onboard and at the airport. The customer service of United Airlines provides the best possible assistance to the passengers for all the queries and issues raised by passengers. If you are flying with United Airlines and want to know about the United seat selection policy, you can visit the official website or connect with the customer support team. 


How to Choose Seats on United Airlines

If you have booked a ticket o and wish to choose a seat on United Airlines, you can do it in a few ways mentioned below:


During Booking Tickets.: If you have booked your tickets with United Airlines and want to choose a seat, you can do that at the time of booking tickets, subject to the availability of the seats.


Via the official website: United Airlines has given the privilege to the passengers to choose seats for their flights. You can go to the official webpage of United Airlines and find the relevant information for selection and choice of seat. It can be done in the following easy steps:

  • Visit the United Airlines Webpage
  • Click on 'manage my bookings
  • Enter your last name and booking number
  • Go to the seat selection option
  • Enter the choice of your seat
  • You will get an update about your seat selection, subject to the availability of the seat.


During check-in: if you are traveling with United Airlines and want to book seats, you can do it during check-in for the flight. Either while going for a web check-in or doing it at the airline desk, you may choose the seat at United Airlines. Choosing the seat while booking and check-in in is the most used method for passengers.


You can also choose and upgrade your class of seats after the booking. If you are traveling with United Airlines and need an upgrade of the seat, you can do it in the following ways:

  • At the time of booking the ticket
  • Visit the official United Airlines website 
  • Click on the manage my booking
  • Click on the book my seat option
  • Enter your last name, mail id, contact number, booking number
  • Book your seat.


Can I select my seat on United Airlines?

Yes, you can select your seats on United Airlines. Every passenger traveling with United Airlines can select and book the seats of their choice. United Airlines has provided detailed information on the official webpage for selecting and booking seats. The passengers who have booked tickets in the basic economy grade do not get this seat selection option. They are assigned seats while booking, which are not subject to change.


How do I select my seat on United Airlines?

You can select your seat on United Airlines while booking your ticket or any time after that, subject to the availability of the seat on the flight you are booked on. Selection of seats can also be made through web check-ins or after reaching the airport while getting your boarding pass. You can request to book seats on United Airlines as per your choice. Selection of seats can also be made by going on the official web page and clicking on the manage my bookings tab, and choosing the seat booking option.


Is seat selection free on United Airlines?

After booking a ticket, if you want to choose a seat or get an upgrade on your seat, it can be done free of cost, subject to certain conditions. For an upgrade on the class of tickets, you may need to pay a charge, which depends on the availability of seats in the particular class you want the upgrade. But if it's just a normal selection of seats like a window or aisle seat, you can book it while booking a ticket or web check-in for free without paying any extra charges.


Is the seat I choose guaranteed?

You can select and book your seats while booking, check-ins, or via the official webpage of United Airlines, but the seat can change due to several unforeseen circumstances. The airline will try to make every effort to give you a seat as per your choice or at least near your selection.


How do I get an upgrade on the class of seats?

If you want to upgrade your class in the seat selection of United Airlines, you can do it anytime after booking your ticket via the official website or while checking in for the flight.

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