What are the Solaseed Airline Cancellation Policy and Fee?

What are the solaseed Airline's Cancellation Policy and Fee?

Uncertainties are a part of life, and when we book a flight, we book it with joy and excitement, but it is very common that you need to cancel due to some uncertain situation in life. So, do not worry if you have to cancel your flight because Solaseed offers a liable cancellation policy, and the procedure is simple for that. Before canceling the flight, a smart passenger always will go through the solaseed airlines cancellation policy,, and it is important too, as you will be unable to get a full refund if you do not go through them thoroughly. So, to know about the policies.

What is the Solaseed Cancellation Policy? 

Solaseed always updates its policies and gives you the best service by providing comfortable policies with all the facilities. So, to learn the solaseed Airline's Update policy read the steps below. 

  • You do not need to give the cancellation charges to the Airline if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking. And it will be easy to get your full refund. 

  • If you cancel your flight after the allotted time, then you have to pay the cancellation charges. Only then you can get your refund.

  • If the flight cancellations are made after the check-in, then there will be no recession for you. In those cases, you need to pay the full ticket amount because the Airplane seat belongs to you now. 

  • In a medical emergency, if the flight is canceled by you, then you can cancel your flight without giving the cancelation charges, but before the refund procedure starts, the passengers have to submit the medical reports within 14 days. 

  • In the event of the death of any person, you need to submit the death certificate of that person, and the Airline will pay you the full refund without deducting the cancellation charges. 

  • Sometimes, due to any technical issues, it is possible that a flight is canceled or rescheduled by Solaseed, so if you do not like rescheduling timing, then you can ask them to cancel your flight, and they will refund all the money to you.


What is the Solaseed Cancellation Fee? 

If you are worried about the cancellation fees, then do not worry about it. Solaseed charges quite fewer prices for that. It depends on the type of journey and the distance covered by your flight. the fee for cancellation is quite less.  

What is the Cancellation Procedure of Solaseed Airline? 

Before making a cancellation, you need to learn the cancellation procedure because many people make mistakes at the time of the cancellation process. So, read the following procedure below. 

  • Land on to the official website of Solaseed by your preferred browser. 

  • Now provide them with your login id and password to log on to the Airline's website. 

  • After that, in the menu bar, you will find a managed booking option you need to click on. 

  • Enter your ticket PNR number and last name to them. 

  • And the webpage will show all the booking details to you.

  • Now go to the modification option that you must find at the bottom of the page. 

  • You will find a cancel option on which you need to click.

  • Pay the cancellation charges if the Airline imposes that on you. 

  • And you will be asked to fill out a refund form for that. 

  • You can fill out that form and provide all the necessary details. 

  • And soon, you will get an email that you are able to cancel your flight successfully, and they have started the refund process. 

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