Can I Book Group Tickets On Singapore Airline ?

How Do I Make Group Bookings On Singapore Airlines?

Making a flight reservation for more than ten passengers may not be easy, but you can use the group booking option to book all the tickets at a single time and even get a huge discount. If you want to book group flight tickets in Singapore Airlines, you can go to the official website, call the reservation number or visit the airport. If you need to get any information, then contact the customer service.

Various methods to make group bookings on Singapore Airlines 

If you want to make a group booking on Singapore Airlines, there are various methods. Following are mentioned the three methods through which you can make the reservation quickly:

Via Official mobile app/Website - The first method is through the official website, where you have to fill out a group travel form with all the information regarding your trip. Then someone from customer service will contact you in a few days to provide you with information and assist you with the payment process. Following are the steps to fill out the group travel form:

  • Get to Singapore Airlines' official mobile app or open the website link ""
  • Open the "Your Booking" option and select the group travel icon.
  • Write your name, email, and phone number.
  • Choose the flight destination and the date of departure.
  • Then you will get the option to select the cabin class with the other necessary information, and you can add the passengers as per your choice.
  • You can also mention any information or requirement you want to make.
  • After that, submit the information, and customer service will contact you within three days and assist with the reservation.

Via Phone call -  Another quickest method to book Singapore Airlines group tickets is to directly contact customer service. You can call the airline on their reservation number, and the representative will provide the necessary details and assist you with the reservation. To know about the process to call the airline for group booking, then you can go through the mentioned instructions:

  • Make a phone call to Singapore Airlines reservation number +1 (833) 727-0118/+1 (802) 341-3459.
  • Pick any language and select the option for a group travel reservation.
  • Then you will get in touch with someone from customer service.
  • Share your trip details with the other necessary information.
  • After that, the representative will provide you with the relevant information and assist you with the reservation.

Via Airport - If you're unable to make the reservation through phone calls and mobile apps, then Singapore Airlines group booking can also be made through the airport. Head towards the reservation counter at the airport and provide all your trip information to the customer service agent, and he will help you with the booking. You can ask the agent for an immediate answer to any question or issue.

After going through the above information, you must have known about the various ways for group bookings, and if you still need any assistance, then contact customer service and speak to a live representative or explore the official website. 

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