Can I Cancel KLM Flight and Get Refund?

KLM cancellation refund policy

 The use of international travel by flight is increasing daily, and so is the use of domestic flights also increasing daily. People usually book tickets way before they travel because they get a deduction in airline fares. But sometimes passengers have to cancel the bookings due to some uncontrolled scenarios. There are some refund policies like  KLM Cancellation Refund Policy. They get their refund after cancellation, and if the cancellation is made at the right time, they get their full refund. 

To get their refund, passengers have to go through the steps:

The certain cancellation refund policies: Through a refund policy, you can get back the amount you’ve paid for the booking. It also depends on the timings and places, but certain rules and policies exist. These are mentioned below

  •  Canceling the ticket before 24 hours:  If you cancel the flight ticket before 24 hours of booking, you will get the full refund without deducting a single penny. Most of the time, they will deduct no money, but the policy may be changed sometimes due to circumstances that are not favorable.

  • Canceling after 24 hours of booking: If you cancel the tickets after 24 hours of booking, they may deduct some money from the customer as a cancellation charge. The charges vary from time to time, depending on the scenarios. They usually charge from $100 to $400 depending on the time period of booking to cancellation. 

  • If the KLM automatically cancels your booking: If an airline company cancels your ticket booking, they will give a full refund per the policy. However, KLM can deduct money if any passenger violates klm return ticket policy or does something which does not come under their terms and conditions. If KLM arranges a new flight for you after the canceling of the new flight, you might not get any refund. 

  • Any delay or in the flight timing by KLM: You can claim the whole or some percent of money if the flight gets delayed from the airlines. If KLM arranges a new flight for you shortly after the delay of the previous flight, you might not get any refund.


How to get a refund from KLM?:


  • Go to the official KLM website.

  • Now click on the Manage booking section.

  • Type your booking number and last name.

  • Click on the Continue tab.

  • Select your flight and click on the Cancel a flight tab.

  • Choose the option Get a refund from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on submit tab and wait until you get a refund from KLM.


By applying the above methods, you let the KLM airlines know the status or the reason behind the cancellation. Your booking will be canceled, and the refund amount will be directly added to your account shortly.