Is it better to check-in online or at the airport?

Is It Better To Check-in at the Airport?

No! Checking in at the airport is the traditional method, in which passengers arrive hours in advance and wait in a huge line to get their luggage checked. Because it is quick, straightforward, and convenient, everyone enjoys online check-in. Though there are Kiosk check-in alternatives at the airport, checking in online is preferable. Check out some points worth discussing below to back up the aforesaid remark.

Online Check-in vs. Airport Check-in 

While you check in online, you can download your boarding pass at least 2 hours before, make changes in the luggage and select your desired seat. Whereas in the case of airport check-in, as it starts a few minutes before departure, it takes more time, and you also need to wait sometime in the long queue, which is, of course, very frustrating and a waste of time. In addition, if you don't have checked bags, you can also avoid the check-in queues at the airport.

Online check-in starts 1 - 24 hours before the flight departure in case of Domestic flights and 2-24 hours before flight departure for the international flight. Whereas if you check in at the airport, the check-in starts 60 minutes before departure if you don't have a bag and 90 minutes before departure if you carry bags.

The online check-in is free of cost unless you add meals, seats, or any other services. While some airlines also charge for airport check-in or check-in over the phone. So before you proceed with the check-in, you can confirm whether the check-in at the airport is free.

In some airports, you also get dedicated checked luggage drop-offs for passengers who checked in online. You can skip the long check-in queues and directly go to the waiting area after dropping off your luggage. This saves time, and you don't need to arrive early at the airport. Besides, it is very convenient and hassle-free. 

If you check in online, you can reach the airport later; also, there is no need to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before departure. When you check in at the airport, you should have enough margin to get your boarding pass, check-in luggage, passport, etc.

Some airlines also offer rewards when you check in online. The reason is to encourage online check-in as it is faster, contactless, and many more. So if your airline provides, you can enjoy rewards also by check-in online.

Online check-in because starting 24 hours before departure, you have enough time to select the desired seat, whereas when you wait for check- at the airport, sometimes flights get overbooked, and you don't have options to reserve any seat. So if you are the person who prefers more comfort and wants Window or aisle seats, you must go with online check-in.

When you check online, there is a better chance you get free upgrades which are not possible in case of check-in at the airport. So again, online check-in is better than airport check-in.

Should You Check in Online or at the Airport?

Online check-in is the most convenient, simple, and quick option. It saves time and energy, and the procedure is also straightforward. While you check in online, you don't need to wait in a long queue at the airport; rather, you can sit in the comfort of your home and balcony and complete the check-in. Besides, after the pandemic hit the world, airlines nowadays also prefer online check-in as it is contactless. So if you doubt whether you should check in online, you can go with the online option. 

However, some flights don't allow online check-in; in that case, check-in at the airport is the only convenient option. So make sure you don't risk and confirm with the airline if online check-in is available. In addition, ensure you have a proper internet connection to avoid any hassle; if you feel your internet speed needs to be improved, you can proceed with the check-in at the airport option.


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