What are the Iberia Airlines Change Policy ?

What are the Iberia Airlines Cancellation/Change Policy?

Iberia Airlines is a Spain Airlines that operates thousands of flights daily to various destinations in domestic and international areas. This airline provides various outstanding services to its passengers. Sometimes people who have booked their reservations on Iberia Airline may have changed their plan or canceled their plan, for which some of them want to make amendments to their flight, and others want to cancel their booking. But before people proceed with the cancellation and change process, they must read Iberia Airlines Cancellation policy and change policy so that they shouldn’t face any difficulties in the future.

Read some cancellation policies for flight tickets on Iberia Airlines:

  • Suppose a passenger has canceled their booking within 2 hours of purchasing the ticket. In that case, they don’t have to pay any cancellation fee; they can also get a full refund under the risk-free 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • Passengers may need to pay the cancellation fee on Iberia Airline to cancel their ticket.
  • Passengers who cancel their reservation after 24 hours of booking a flight must pay $100 to $500 as the cancellation fee.
  • According to the Iberia Airline cancelation policy, if a person cancels his booking 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure, they have to pay a cancellation fee from $100 to $400.
  • You can also request a refund for the flight cancellation.
  • When you pay the cancellation fee, you will get the remaining refund amount from Iberia Airlines.
  • Your refund will be provided within 7 to 20 business days.

Provide some change policy of flight booking on Iberia Airlines:

Sometimes passengers must change their flights or make some amendments due to unexpected events or unavoidable situations. Below are some guidelines under which you can change your flight on Iberia Airlines:

  • According to the Iberia Airlines Change policy, if the booking is issued and initiated, you are not allowed to change the date, time, name, destination, etc., on your flight.
  • If you are a Flex Fare passenger on Iberia Airlines, then you will not charge any flight change fee on Iberia Airlines.
  • You may need to pay the fare difference on Iberia Airlines when you change your flight.
  • When passengers make amendments to their flight, they need to do seat assignments, meals, and special requests again, which you have already done when booking.
  • If passengers change their flight on Iberia Airlines within 24 hours of purchase and have more than 7 days before the departure, they will not change for any flight change fee on Iberia Airlines.
  • If a passenger wants to make changes in their flight on the Same day, they may need to pay some flight change fee like you will pay $75 for domestic flights and $150 for international flights.
  • If you made a group booking, you are not eligible for 24 hours to change policy on Iberia Airlines.
  • If you make changes after 24 hours, you only have to pay the fare difference on Iberia Airlines.
  • Travelers who have purchased their tickets using gifts and e-travel certificates cannot make changes to their flights.


NOTE - People can make flight cancellations and changes via the official website of Iberia Airlines by going to their "manage booking" page. You can also contact their customer service team if you can't operate their website.

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