What are the Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy?

How Do I Get To Know About the Iberia Baggage Policy? 

Iberia is a flag carrier of Spain, and it is based in Madrid. The headquarters of Iberia Airline is situated in Spain itself. Iberia airline is the primary full-service airline of Spain. You can find cheap flights at an affordable range with deals of different types during the discount periods. If you plan on traveling with your family to a destination, consider traveling with Iberia Airlines. If traveling with many family members, you must keep the baggage check-in in mind. If you need to know the Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy, you must read this article thoroughly. 

Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy and Fees

Iberia Airlines are very strict when it comes to its baggage policies. Before booking your tickets with them, you must review their baggage policy. Knowing the airline before making a reservation is essential as you will be aware of everything and not face any negative consequences. It will help you learn about your baggage limit better. Take a look at the following baggage policy of the Airline: 

  • If you travel in economy class, your carry bag allowance will be 10 kilograms. 

  • If you travel in business class, your carry bag allowance will be 14 kilograms. 

  • The minimum weight of checked baggage will be 15 kilograms, and the maximum will be 32 kilograms. 

  • The sum of dimensions allowed for checked baggage will be length+width+height=158 cm. 

  • The carry bag dimensions allowed are height 56 cm, width 25 cm, and length 40 cm. 

  • Suppose you carry special baggage, like, a guitar, sports equipment like a bike, golf clubs, diving gear, and any musical instrument or wheelchair. You can take everything you need. Add the special luggage and pay for the service when you book your ticket through the manage your booking tab. 

  • If you want to carry any electronic items, the larger devices should be turned off during take-off and landing time. If the electronic items have been placed under the checked baggage, you must put it on switched-off mode. 

  • The devices that are permitted during the flight are as follows: 

  1. Mobile phones 

  2. Music players

  3. Bluetooth devices 

  4. Tablets and handheld PDAs

  5. Personal computers

  6. Game consoles 

  • Some prohibited devices are as follows: 

  1. Remote control games 

  2. AM and FM radio 

  3. Television sets.


  • The overweight fee for economy class baggage is 100 USD or 75 EUR.

  • The overweight premium economy class baggage fee is 100 USD or 75 EUR. 

  • The overweight fee for business class baggage is free. 

  • If you book online, the excess baggage fee for economy class baggage is 1st EUR 45 and 2nd plus EUR 128. 

  • The excess baggage fee for premium economy and business class baggage, if you are booking online, is EUR 128 

  • If you are booking from the airport, the excess baggage fee for economy class baggage is 1st EUR 50 and 2nd plus EUR 150. 

  • If you book from the airport, the excess premium economy and business class baggage fees are EUR 150. 


You learned about the Iberia baggage policy and Iberia Airlines Baggage Fees in this article. You must check everything once you book your ticket, and if you face any issues, you can contact Iberia customer service. 

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