How would you change your name on American Airline Flight?

How would you change your name on American Airline Flight?

American Airlines gives its passengers the luxury to make changes in their flight details, such as name changes (spelling correction), and easy access to the procedure. Booking a ticket requires a lot of focus, as one wrong entry can change the itinerary to a different location or duration. Same is the case with name spelling. People are obviously quite accustomed to their names and the names of family and friends. It is very much possible for them to make some mistake at the time of filling out the booking form. Even though it's a slight spelling mistake, this can prevent you from boarding your flight if the spelling does not match the government id proof you carry.

So when you notice the problem with name details, your first reaction should be, "How do I  change my name on American Airlines?" and find out what policies guide this process. If you are here, that means you are on the correct path. You have noticed the error, and now you are ready to make corrections. 

Policies Holding American Airlines Name Correction Process

Before you proceed, note that name change and name correction are two different things. Name change essentially means passing the itinerary from one person to another, whereas correction means changing the letters in the name to spell the correct name.

You must address that some policies are based on the type of ticket you have booked. The airline has declared the following rules under the American Airlines name change policy guidelines, and all passengers must follow these.

  • Passengers are allowed to change the spelling for free up to 24 hours after the ticket reservation.

  • Your ticket can be modified in two ways, through the change in PNR number and another without it based on the type of your ticket; you can access the change options through the website. Please note that the American Eagle and American Prime tickets are under the type that needs the PNR number change. The other tickets that fly under American Airlines do not require a PNR number change in general. Under special cases, if it is required, the name change system will notify you about the same.

  • The American Airlines name change policy tells the passengers that no passenger can make name changes to their tickets 24 hours before the scheduled take-off. This is because during this time, the flight is under the airport's authority, and the airport is processing the flight data. 

  • After the 24 hours, cost-free change period is over; you would need to make certain payments to correct the name. This online system will calculate the amount and let you know in advance about the price.

After you have made yourself familiar with the policies, you can correct the name by following the given points.

  • Open, a direct link to the official homepage.

  • Og into your account and then open the bookings sections.

  • To pull out your flight details, type the booking id and then the PNR number (for tickets that don't belong to American Prime and American Eagle).

  • Select the 'modify flight details,' then go for the 'change my name on American Airline' option. 

  • Select the passenger name you wish to change. 

  • Make the correction and move to the payment processing page. You only pay if charges are applicable to your modification. 

If your ticket falls under American Prime and American Eagle, then please get in touch with the support team and ask them to direct you to the appropriate channels and guide you through the name change process.