Want to Request A Refund from Swiss Air?

Want to request a refund from Swiss Air? Get the complete information here

Swiss Air is a phenomenal airline that provides one of the most flexible and feasible refund policies. The airline allows you to refund whether your flight is canceled voluntarily or involuntarily. 

However, if you need to learn how to request a refund from Swiss Air, you can visit the website online or call the representative directly. It is quite a simple process to get your refund; moreover, you can read the complete article below to discover every detail.

Various Ways To Get A Refund from Swiss Air

Here are all the options given that swiss air provides to request a refund. Depending on the source you purchased your ticket, you can opt for any option below.

Get the Refund Via the Website

  • Get on the Swiss Air website and sign in to your account

  • You can also go to the manage booking section under plan and book 

  • Enter your ticket number and last name, and retrieve your bookings

  • Select the booking you want to request a refund 

  • Now check the refund policy and terms and conditions for the booking, as some bookings might be non-refundable 

  • If the booking is eligible for a refund, you can click on the refund option and follow the prompt instructions to complete your request.

  • If your booking is not canceled, make sure to cancel it first, and then you can submit the refund request form online. 

Get the Refund Over the Phone 

  • To get a refund over the phone, Dial the Swiss Air customer care number 1-833-626-0737

  • You can first choose a language and then follow the IVR to connect with a live person.

  • Once connected, you can ask the representative if you wish to get a refund

  • Provide the booking details, including your confirmation number and last name

  • The agent will check the details, and if applicable, your refund will be processed 

  • You can expect the refund in 7-14 days, depending on the payment mode

Swiss Air Refund Policy 

  • You are eligible to get a full refund if you complete the cancellation formalities within 24 hours of booking and departure is seven days away. 

  • The 24-hour policy applies to all fare types, whether refundable or non-refundable. Moreover, the cancellation fee applies if you fail, depending on the ticket type, cancellation time, fare class, etc.

  • If you cancel a refundable ticket after 24 hours, the refund you get is after the deductions of cancellation charges. In contrast, no refund applies in the case of non-refundable tickets. 

  • The airline sometimes offers credit against canceling non-refundable tickets, which you can use for future traveling. 

  • If you cancel the booking because of a serious illness, or the death of a family member or passengers, the airline waives the cancellation charges, and you might get a full refund. 

  • You are eligible for a full refund if Swiss Air cancels your flight or delays it for more than expected. You can opt for a refund by contacting Swiss Air directly. 

Conclusion: You can easily request a refund from Swiss Air anytime by reading the information above. Besides Can I request a refund from Swiss Air? Hopefully, you get the answer. If you still have any doubts or need additional knowledge, speak to the support team at Swiss air directly. 

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