How to Make A Group Reservation on Solaseed Airlines?

Accumulate Advice To Make A Group Reservation at Solassed Airlines

Traveling to your desired destination with your family or friends will make the trip more memorable. To make your journey more remarkable, most airlines allow group bookings through which you can reserve the flight of every trip member simultaneously. Traveling with Solassed airlines will help you to avail several benefits such as quick refunds on flight cancelation, miles, special assistance for needed passengers, etc. If you want to make  Group Reservation on Solaseed Airlines but do not have information about their booking process, then you will get complete information by reading below. 

Benefits of Group Flight Bookings at Solassed Airlines 

You will receive several benefits if you make group bookings with Solassed; all these benefits are mentioned below in the detailed form. 

Low fare benefit: The amount you need to pay for a group booking for a single ticket is comparatively lower than the individual reservation without group bookings.

Flexible policies and conditions: If the time left in the flight departure is more than 04 weeks and you find travel issues, you will get the option to cancel 10% to 15% of your tickets without paying charges. 

Time-saving: Group booking will save you time and energy as you do not need to visit different websites for flight reservations. 

Same price: The price of your ticket will remain the same, and the accommodation of your seat will be together. 

Ways to Make A Group Flight Booking are below: 

Via representative: If you reserve the group booking flight for the first time and need more information, you can take a representative's help. They will guide you in the best way and help you to reserve the flight. You must use the call option to communicate with the representative, as it will save you time. Dial 0570-037-283 to connect on call and then choose the. After this, you need to follow the below-mentioned IVR instructions. 

Click 1 for information about new bookings

Click 2 to learn about miles or offers 

Click 3 for information about policies or fee 

Click 4 to make a group booking 

Click 5 to connect with the representative

You have to choose the option that suits your query and then connect. You need to give the passenger information to that representative, and they will send you the payment link. Make the payment and reserve the flight. 

Via online: If you have detailed information about your trip or passengers, you can go with the online mode for flight reservation. Through this mode, you do not need to call any representative; you can reserve the flight via the airline's website. If you want to know the complete process, you can follow the points below. 

  • Search for the website of Solassed airlines. 
  • Click on the new bookings page and then open the group reservation
  • Mention the destination details and departure airport name
  • After this, mention the passenger details and then the date of traveling. 
  • You have to submit the details. 
  • Then on the payments page, make the payments, and you will receive the email with the group flight reservation.

Through the above, you will still know about the Group booking on Solaseed Airlines; if you get any issues, you can reach out to help the team or send your query through email. 

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