How To Hold Austrian Airlines Flight?

Attain Full Guidance on the Reservation Hold with Austrian Airlines 

Austrian Airlines now serves its services all over the world’s 55 destinations at an affordable range. Also, it has various features to stick passengers to this airline, like easy changes, cancellations, holding the flight, receiving a refund and compensation, selecting seats, and more. However, after knowing this facility, you are searching for Can I hold Austrian Airlines flight? So, Airways make the option of fare hold to take the ticket on the previous fare. Therefore, to attain it, it is a must to go through the rules of holding the ticket fare with Austrian Airlines because it will explain the complete information about it.

Rules of Holding The Austrian Airlines Flight 

Holding the ticket with the airline is a must to attain some knowledge about the hold rules at Austrian Airlines. Therefore, underneath the below-mentioned points.

  • The fare hold option is available to Austrian Airlines travelers through their website. 

  • Travelers must select the fare hold option when booking their tickets. 

  • Fare holds can be made up to seven days before departure fare hold is selected; the passenger will be given a unique reference number which must be used to complete the booking. 

  • The fare hold option is valid for 24 hours, after which the passenger must make the payment within the given time frame, or the fare hold will be canceled. 

  • If the fare hold is canceled, the passenger must make a new booking within the given timeframe.

  • Travelers must pay the full fare when making a reservation with the fare hold option. 

  • Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before the departure date, but any payment made for the fare hold option is non-refundable. 

  • Austrian Airlines allows travelers to hold tickets for up to 72 hours before booking.

  • To hold a ticket, travelers must contact Austrian Airlines via phone or their website.

  • When purchasing a ticket, travelers can add a fare hold to their reservation.

  • Fare holds are subject to availability and certain restrictions, such as minimum and maximum durations.

  • Fare holds are not available for flexible tickets or tickets with promotional discounts.

  • In addition, the airline will take the fare holds can be extended for up to 72 hours for an additional fee.

  • Travelers must pay the balance due for their tickets within 72 hours of the fare hold expiring, or the fare hold will be forfeited.

How Can I Hold the Austrian Airlines Flight Ticket?

After getting the rules, you can now easily hold a reservation with Austrian Airlines. Thus, for that, you have to get through the methods to hold a ticket. However, there are many ways by which you can easily hold the Austrian reservation fare. Therefore, to get this, you must go through the steps below.

Hold The Flight Through The Website-

  1. Go to the Austrian Airlines website, 

  2. Click on the “Book & Manage” tab. Select the type of booking you want to make. You can choose from one-way, round-trip, multi-city, or group bookings. 

  3. Enter your departure and arrival cities, along with dates and the number of passengers. 

  4. Select the desired flight from the scheduled flights on a reliable date and time. 

  5. Choose the type of fare you want (economy, business, first class) and any additional options you may need, such as seat selection and extra baggage. 

  6. On the “Save and hold” tab, Pawl it.

  7. And move toward the payment page by continuing it. Pay the fare hold by entering the payment information.

  8. Further, you must review and confirm your booking hold. Afterward, the confirmation will attain on your email address.

Hold The Flight Through A Phone Call-

Visit the Austrian Airline's official site. After that, scroll down the homepage to the “support” section. Find the “customer service” section. Click on it. After that, look at the phone call section and take the phone number from there. Dial 1 (800) 843-0002 and call the live person. After connecting the call with the support person, request for ticket hold. Get the full information regarding the hold. And pay the charges to hold the fare. Further, you can attain its confirmation notification under the linked email address.

Hence, the following article you have read recently will help you Hold Austrian Airlines flight. Further, if you have any issues while taking it, contact the support person directly. And speaking with them through chatting, email, calling, or more helps you sort out all kinds of issues.

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