How to Contact SAS Airlines from Boston?

How to Contact SAS Airlines from Boston?

Suppose you want to fly out of Boston to Norway and have decided to select SAS airlines for this, and you want to know an answer can i contact SAS airlines from Boston? You have to know there are various ways of communication that you can use to get to the support team of the SAS, and those includes calling, using chat support, and emailing you can select any one and get a resolution if there is a ticket related issue like ticket cancelation or there is any other issue like you want to know luggage policies then you can make contact and ask them.

What is the process of getting a resolution on the phone?

There is a process of getting in touch with customer support of SAS airlines, and then after you call customer support on 800-727-0025. You can avail of their services that are available on a call like a ticket reservation, cancelation of tickets, or refund-related issues, or you can ask for special assistance if you forgot to complete that you can use that using it.

Is there another way to get to customer support

Yes, you can use chat support if you are looking for another way then after following the steps you can get connected to customer support you can get resolution of the issues very fast if you follow the steps you can get connected to the customer support 

  • First, you have to go to the website of the SAS airlines
  • Then you have to click on contact us
  • After clicking chat support, you get connected to the customer support 
  • Now write your issues and get a resolution

The reply is instant, and so is your resolution you can close the window now.

Getting A Resolution at the Airport

Sometimes if you are at the airport and want to talk to customer support that is available at the airline, you have to search for the counter, and after that, you can tell them the specific issues that you are facing, and then you get a resolution at the airport this is a good way if you are looking for a resolution instantly and are at the airport.

Process of email for complaints or feedback on some services 

You can send an email also to customer support and wait for their reply first, you have to write an email to, and they will get back to you within some said period with a proper resolution of your issues.

There are various process that is given if there are any of the services that you would like to use, as you got the answer of can I Contact SAS Airlines from Boston? if you want, you can use the phone that is provided if you are a caller from boston, and there are other ways namely chat support, email, and getting resolution at the airport counter whatever your issues might be, you can surely get a resolution of those issues also you can use certain services like special assistance if you want to use one of the ways that are given.

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