How To Contact Iberia at Moscow Airport?

How to Contact Iberia at Moscow Airport?

A passenger requires information on various circumstances like- flight, lost and found, special assistance, and many more. They will get the information by speaking with the representative or searching for the information on the official website. They can also use the given information to reach the airport. Here are: 

Official Website of the Moscow Airport: 

If a traveler wants to raise a query, they can visit the official website and get the information from there immediately. Here is the link:

Address of the airport: 

To visit the airport, you require the official address of the airport. You can use this address: Khimki, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 141400, and get all the details from the representative as soon as possible. 

Contact information for the Airport: 

When you are looking for information on How to contact Iberia at Moscow airport, you can use the given contact numbers and connect with the airport easily. Here is the list of contact numbers: 

  • Toll Free: +1 (802) 341-3459, +1 (802) 541-3459

  • For general queries: +7 495 578-65-65, +7(925)1006565.

  • For medical: + 7(495) 578 4712, +7(926) 2446301,+7(495) 578 7709, +7(926) 6154810.

  • For police: +7(495) 5782254. +7(495) 578 4712.

  • For baggage services: +7(800) 5555244,+7(903) 7650597, +7(499)5006552, +7(495) 7538641.

  • For the federation: +7(495) 5780821. 

  • For Lost and Found:+7 (495) 578 65 65.

  • For cargo transport: +7 (495) 737 60 60

  • For Transport security+7 (495) 578 17 41

  • For customs: +7 (495) 538 72 27


Email Address of the Airport: 

If you did not receive a response to your call from the airport, you could use the email option. Share your query on the email option and receive a response from the representative as soon as possible. You can use this email id: 


Social Media Links of the Airport: 

To get regular updates about the airport, you can subscribe to the airport on the social media platform. It is another way to get connected to the airport. You can share your query with the representative on their business pages and get a response within a few seconds.  To connect with the airport on social media, you can use the given links: 

Services Provided by the Airport:

  • Flight information. 

  • Flight booking, cancellation, rescheduling. 

  • Okay, to board.

  • Meet and Greet. 

  • Restaurants and cafes.

  • Airport transfers. 

  • Flight Wi-Fi. 

  • Airport Wi-Fi.

  • Visa Information. 

  • Airport Facilities. 

  • Lounge. 

  • Children's play area. 

  • Passengers with reduced mobility. 

  • Shopping area.

  • Duty-Free Allowance.

  •  Luggage Carts

  •  Medical Services

  • Currency Exchange

  • ATMs

  • Transportation. 

  • Hotels 

  • Luggage trolleys

  • Medical services

  • Air transport police services

  • Luggage room

  • Post offices

  • Information for Religious Persons

  • Smoking area. 

  • Baggage information-delayed missing. 

  • Lost and Found department. 

  • Help center. 

  • Restroom. 

  • Pet relief area. 

  • Check-in area.

  • Immigration services. 

How Do I Contact Moscow Airport?

To contact the airport, you can use the contact numbers according to your choice and get a quick response from the representative. If you are looking for any information you can use the contact number. Here are the steps: 

  • To get the contact number, visit the airport's web page and click the contact option.

  •  Use these contact numbers: +7 495 578-65-65, +7(925)1006565. 

  • Follow the IVR steps, press the number key according to your query, and connect with the representative as soon as possible. 

  • You can convey your query and get the possible solution. 

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