How To Change A Flight on Iberia Airline?

How To Change A Flight On Iberia Air?

Many passengers struggle to travel on the same date as scheduled, and this is very understandable, and that is why most airlines have the Flight change option. If a passenger who is unable to travel on Iberia Air, they use the Process to change Iberia flight provided in this context.

The Process To Change Flights on Iberia Air

The Online Process:

Any changes that are necessary can be made using the online process in just simple steps. And if you need to change the flight, the procedure is clearly given, and you can use it to make the flight change on Iberia Air.

  • Quickly open the Iberia Air domain on a new tab.

  • The panel has several options to choose from.

  • Click on the “Flight” option and then on the “Manage your Booking.”

  • You will need two pieces of information:

    • Passengers surname

    • Reservation code

  • Now on the diverted page, you can see the details of the existing reservation.

  • Click on the reservation and then click on the modify option.

  • Change the flight and make the change fee.

  • After the process is done, you can get a confirmation notification in your email.

The Contact Number:

You can use the contact number of Iberia Air to make the changes to your flight ticket with the help of customer service. Use the procedure that is provided to make the changes.

  • Go to the official page of Iberia Air.

  • Click on the helpdesk option.

  • In the helpdesk page, click on the contact option.

  • Look for the contact number available for your region.

  • Dial the contact number and get connected to the live agent.

  • You must follow the IVR prompts in order to connect with the agent.

  • Once the Iberia agent is associated, you can give the passenger and the flight details.

  • Request for the change and make the change fee that is required.

  • A confirmation notification of your change flight will be sent to your email.

The contact number working hours may differ, hence check the timing on the official page of the airline before calling.

The Flight Change Policy of Iberia:

Before proceeding to make the flight change on Iberia, you must know the policy and teams for a hassle-free travel experience. The policies for flight change of Iberia Airlines are given for your reference.

  • The flight change on Iberia can only be initiated if you have made a reservation using the official website of Iberia.

  • You can make the changes, but the flight change fee will be applied in order to make the change.

  • Same-day changes can be made as per the request.

  • The flight change policy is not applicable to group bookings.

  • Changes can be made depending on the type of fare the passenger is holding.

How Much Does Iberia Charge for A Flight Change?

To make the flight change, you must make the flight change fee as per the fare type. The changes can be between $100 to $200. Contact the service support of Iberia Airlines to know the details about the flight change charge.


What is the procedure for How to change a flight on Iberia Air? It is clearly explained in the above context. For any additional help or details, contact the customer service of Iberia, reach an agent.

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