How Strict is British Airways About Carry On Luggage?

Save Your Bucks, and Know The Baggage Policy.

If you have a ticket booked with British Airways, you could have a question that practically every traveler has: "Is British Airways tough on baggage?" Before you pack your things and head to the airport, there is a policy that you need to be aware of in order to comprehend this. Following is a full overview of the subject so that you may get a general notion of how many bags you need to bring.

What is the Baggage Policy of British Airways?

Traveling with British Airways is always pleasant because it offers its passengers flexible baggage facilities that make a one-time flier to frequent flier. So, below is a British Airways baggage policy, and read out all the points which are essential in all the possible ways. Give a look:

  • There is an allowance to carry 2 personal items onboard with a maximum height of 56CM x 45CM x 25CM (for hand baggage) and 90CM x 75CM x 45CM (small items). 

  • You cannot exceed the weight of 23 KG onboard. 

  • You can carry the number of checked baggage onboard, but it, by and large, depends on your flight's nature, destination, and route.

  • You can carry 2 baggage onboard with a weight of 23 KG if you have an Economy class ticket. 

  • If you are Club Europe (Class) holder, you can carry 2 luggage with a maximum weight of 32 KG each. 

  • The airline provides the facility to passengers to carry 10 pieces of luggage on board, and an additional fare is charged by the airline. 

  • You can carry 3 items with a maximum weight of 32 KG each only if you have First Club World Biz Bed. 

  • You are also allowed to carry a wheelchair onboard, but that must be within the prescribed limits of the airlines. 

  • If you exceed the limitations prescribed by the airlines, you will be charged a fee of Euro 20- 75. (it may get changed, so you are requested to consult with the airline.)

  • And if you have more queries related to the baggage policy, you can speak to the customer executive of the airline, who will resolve your issues. 


What If You Exceed the Baggage Limitations?

British Airways ensures to make the journey of passengers remarkable by offering them flexible baggage services. Still, on the other hand, if you exceed the baggage limits as prescribed by the airlines, you will be charged a certain amount as a fee. 

Can You Add Extra Baggage? 

Yes, you can add extra baggage (up to 10 pieces of luggage), but that depends on the allowance of the airline, and additionally, you will be charged a separate fee. (The fee depends on the nature of your flight, for instance, route, destination, class type, etc.) And you can add your baggage via the official website or by calling the customer executive of the airline, who will assist you in doing so. 

Through this discussion, you will have an idea that the carry-on baggage policy is not strict. You are allowed to add extra baggage, as discussed above, but that carries additional charges imposed by the airline. 

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