An Inclusive Guide about Latam Airlines Baggage Policy

An Inclusive guide about Latam Airlines baggage policy 

How much does Latam charge for baggage?


Like other airlines, Latam has a set of rules and a baggage policy that apply to all of its passengers. If you have brought more luggage than is permitted, you might have to pay an additional fee.

The Latam Baggage Policy states that airline fees vary depending on the route. In addition, the following points can help you determine how much Latam airlines charge for additional baggage:


Latam charges for extra baggage 


  • For domestic routes, if the flight is flying to Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru, you may have to pay 10-15 US dollars for your first extra baggage.

  • For the second and third extra bag, you may have to pay around 20-25 US dollars and 70 US dollars, respectively. In case you are flying internationally within 

  • In South America, you may have to pay around 40-60 USD for extra baggage. You may have to pay around 100 and 150 US dollars extra for second and third extra baggage. 

  • Respectively. If you are flying between Europe and South America, you may have to pay around 55 to 110 US dollars.


Let's check out the baggage policy of Latam Airlines for hassle service.


  • The standard check-in baggage dimensions allowed by Lattam are of fixed dimensions and weight. 

  • The standard volume is (length + width + height) should be less than or equal to 158cm*62cm. The standard weight allowed per person is 23 kg.

  • For flights directed to or from Europe, Argentina, and Oceania, the maximum weight allowed is 32 Kgs. 

  • If you violate these standard guidelines, you may have to pay extra money from your pocket. 

  • The baggage policy also depends upon the type of class you are travelling to. 


The breakdown of all the baggage guidelines and allowance based on type of class is as under:-


Carry On Luggage


As per Carry on baggage in Latam Airlines, if you travel in economy class, you can carry a single handbag of maximum weight up to 8 kg. However, you can carry a single handbag of

up to 16 Kg. Other items like jackets, binoculars, magazines, reading materials, etc., are free to carry.


Checked In Baggage


In the case of checked-in baggage, premium economy and business class passengers are also given some additional benefits. If you are an economy class traveller, you can go through the following baggage guidelines. For promo and light economy, there is no baggage allowance.


For economy plus passengers, you can carry a single bag of a maximum of 23 kg. If you are a top economy passenger, you can carry two bags of 23 kg. For the premium economy and business class passengers, you can carry three bags of 23 Kg each.


However, there are exceptions to baggage policy on some selected routes like

For flights between Santiago, Chile-Easter Island, Cancun- South, and North America, one can carry two bags of 23 Kg each. If you are planning to travel with Latam Airlines, you should check the airline's baggage policy for your route and class before booking a ticket.


So reading the information above, you must be clear about the Latam baggage policy, Latam Baggage Allowance, and Fees. Besides that, if you need any additional information or have any doubts, speak to the Latam representative or visit the official website of Latam Airlines.

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