How Much Does 3 Checked Bags Cost in Delta?

How Much Does It Cost To Check Three Bags On Delta?

The comfort of the customers is provided by delta Airlines through a variety of services such flying facilities, such as flight cancellation, flight change, baggage claim, etc. There are specific guidelines that must be observed while checking in your suitcase, but the airline does permit passengers to bring baggage, luggage, and handbags into the cabin. If you're unsure, ask Delta if they charge for checked bags. If so, you've come to the right article. The airline may or may not charge for the checked bags; if you are over the limit, only Delta will charge you. You can review the follow-along baggage policy for further details.


Delta Airline Baggage Policy Mentioned Below:


  • If the flights are operated by delta or delta shuttle, then the airline allows up to 10 bags to be checked per passenger.
  • If it is a delta connection carrier flight, then delta airline allows up to 4 bags to be checked. 
  • Moreover, the delta connection carriers allow excess baggage based on available space; if you cannot carry the baggage out with you, it will be transported through the next available flight.
  • If you have camera equipment with you, such as camera film, the airline will accept videotape, lighting, and sound equipment on a tender basis from the side of the network or broad casing companies.
  • If the bags exceed the limits ( size and weight), you must pay special handling and additional fees.
  • Please keep note that the airline charges you separate fees in case it is extra baggage, then you need to pay a charge for exceeding the weight, size, and that extra baggage.


Delta Baggage Fees Are Listed Below 


  • If it is the 3rd checked bag, then you need to pay around 150$.
  • If it is bags ( 4 to 10), then you need to pay around 200$.
  • If it is an overweight bag, from 51 lbs to 31.75 lbs, then it is 100$
  • From 71lbs to 100 lbs then it is 200$.
  • Baggage weighing more than 100 lbs is not allowed by the airline.
  • If it is an oversized bag maximum up ( 63" to 80"), then you need to pay 200$, and larger than this is not allowed.


Delta Airline Baggage Check-In Procedure

The procedure is very simple and basic, and the steps are explained in layman's language so that one can apply it without any expert guidance.


  • You need to visit the official site of Delta Airlines.
  • Then move to the check-in tab on the page, and click on it. 
  • The check-in page will open, then enter your confirmation or SkyMiles number with your last name.
  • The page will display a list of flights; choose your suitable flight option, then click on the baggage check-in button.
  • Now you can enter your baggage details and confirm them; after that, you will receive a boarding pass with your registered email id.



You are now left with the question, does Delta allow free checked bag? The answer is yes, you can check your first baggage for free of cost, and if you have booked your flight ticket through sky miles membership card, moreover the baggage should not exceed the limit ( weight and size ) approved by delta Airlines authority. 


If you have a query or issue, call the airline's customer service; the staff will brief you on the solution to your question.


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