How Many Times Can You Change Your Flight Solaseed?

How Many Times Can You Change Your Flight Solaseed? 

Solaseed Air is a Japanese regional airline. If you are traveling through Solaseed Airline, you will be very comfortable with the services of this Airline. Travelers experience great services from this Airline, as it provides its passengers best services through different procedures. If you have thoughts about changing your flight because of any sudden change in your traveling plan, you can change your flight for as long as you want. By taking the help of an executive from the Airline. Go through the steps of solaseed Flight Change Policy that are located below:

  1. If you make changes to your flight within 24 hours, then the Airline will not charge any flight cancellation fee from you.

  2. But, if the changes in your flight are made after the risk-free hours, then the Airline will ask you to pay the penalty for the changes.

  3. If the changes for your flight are made by the Airline, then the Airline will provide you a refund.

  4. You can change your flight until 3-4 hours are left for departure.

  5. If you have any medical emergency or family issue, the Airline might consider you, but you must submit all your medical documents to Solaseed Airline.

The Process To Change Solaseed Airline Flight

There are certain ways provided by the Airline through which you can connect to an executive of the Airline and ask them to change your solaseed flight with different modes that are mentioned below:

  • Via call 

  • Via website

Through Phone Call 

Reaching the Airline executive through a phone call is the most convenient procedure. You can connect to the Solaseed Airline representative by calling the helpline number +81-(0)6-7637-8817. For immediate response. To know the working of that process, go through the given steps that are mentioned below:-

  1. First, Dial the customer service number of Solaseed Airline.

  2. Then, Choose your preferred language.

  3. To book your tickets, press 1.

  4. To change your flight, press 2.

  5. For cancellation, press 3.

  6. to talk to an executive press #.

  7. After that, your call will be connected to the representative 

  8. Give all your flight-related information to the executive of the Airline. 

  9. Then you will be provided your new information for your flight change 

  10. Pay the charges if the Airline requests you to pay.

  11. Then you will receive your new information message for your flight on your addressing email.

Through Online

 If you are not able to make contact with the Airline through the phone call process, then you can choose another option to connect to the executive of Solaseed Airline by choosing the online procedure; here, you can confront your problems and issues regarding the flight change to the representative of the Airline. To go with this process, read the following steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Open the official website of Solaseed Airline from the browser.

  2. Go to the manage booking option.

  3. Mention your last name and your reservation number.

  4. Click on the change my flight option.

  5. Choose the flight you want to change.

  6. Update all the changes to your flight schedule.

  7. Pay the flight changing fee if required.

  8. Read all the terms and conditions thoroughly 

  9. After that, you will receive a piece of new information about your flight from Solaseed Airlines

  10. Then, Download your ticket online.


If you have read the given information, then you must be aware of how you can make changes to your Solaseed Airline flight by choosing different options. As you can make changes in your flight for as many times you want as per your requirement but it should be done under the rick free timings. The mentioned procedure will help you to reach customer service of Solaseed Airline.

If you want any other information, contact Solaseed Airline executive by calling their customer service helpline number. 

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