How Many Bags Does Delta Let You Check for Free?

Complete guidance for Delta baggage?

Whenever you plan to visit your desired destination, you have to think about the luggage, and some passengers carry too much luggage that is not allowed by the airlines. This situation arises when the passenger is traveling with the family. To solve this situation, all the airlines mention their luggage policy. This policy helps the passenger know what weight the airlines allow and how many bags a passenger can take while traveling.

If the passenger is traveling with Delta airlines, they can avail of many benefits like early bookings and offers on reservations. Any passenger who wants to make changes in the bookings can easily do it from the manage bookings section, refund on the cancelation, etc. They also provide a luggage policy system that helps the passenger get guidance about the Delta Baggage Allowance and Fees; you need to read below. 


How many bags can be carried on Delta?


The bags and luggage will depend upon the route, flight destination, and seat type. Delta offers different bag allowances for different classes of bookings, and the passenger can carry a minimum of one handbag and a maximum of two handbags. The number of checked bags allowed for free in Delta airlines is a minimum of one and a maximum of three. In case any passenger wants to travel with more luggage. They can do it, but they need permission from the official representatives of the Delta airlines who are available at the counter the Delta airlines and have to pay the extra charges if the passenger wants to travel without paying any charges but must carry extra luggage. They have to give a valid reason to the official Delta Airlines representative.


What is the baggage allowance policy of Delta airlines?


The luggage passengers can depend upon the seat type and weight of luggage, and if you want to know the detailed information, you have to read below.


For business class bookings


The passenger can carry two bags, and the weight of these bags is under 40lbs to 48lbs. The passenger can also take two handbags whose weight is under 10lbs.


For premium bookings


If the passenger makes the bookings from the official website and chooses the seat in premium class, they can carry three bags whose weight is under 50lbs to 60lbs.

Passengers can also take three handbags on the flight with weights under 15lbs.

If any passenger makes the bookings of the premium class by using any deals or offers, then the number of bags they can carry remains the same, but the number of handbags will change.

For economy class reservations


If the passengers book the flight economy class, they can take one bag and one carry-on bag on the flight.


What is the fee for extra baggage at Delta airlines?


  • If the passenger exceeds the bags and they are traveling on a domestic flight, they will need to pay 30 USD per bag, and the weight of that bag is under 40lbs.
  • If the passenger travels to any international destination, they will have to pay the 50USD fee per bag, and the weight of those bags will be under the 45lbs.


The earlier statements will give you information about the carry-on baggage on delta airlines. Still, suppose if you have any concerns regarding baggage or anything about Delta airlines, then you can also contact the official representative of Delta airlines.