How Many Bags are Allowed in British Airways?

How Many Bags are Allowed on British Airways?

British Airways has made sure that lugging your luggage won't be a problem for you. They have entirely customer-friendly baggage policies as a result of this. Make sure you adhered to the weight, quantity, and size restrictions. You will then be able to carry your luggage completely free of charge.

Baggage Policy:

You must ensure that you read all the conditions given below in the British Airways baggage policy. Once you know of it, ensure that you have packed your luggage accordingly. 

Weight and Quantity

  • Your baggage should weigh at most 23 kg. 

  • In economy class, you’re allowed to carry your luggage. 

  • In the premium economy, you can have two bags, and also in the business class. 

  • The first class is going to enable you to have three bags.  


  • One carry-on luggage should have a dimension of 22 x 18 x 10 inches, and the weight should be at most 23 kg. 

  • You’re allowed to have an additional personal bag on the board. However, you must ensure that it is not more than 16 x 12 x 6 inches. 

Excess Baggage

  • Excess baggage fees depend entirely on the route you’re going to cover. 

  • In case your baggage has exceeded the weight limit of 23kg. Then you need to pay the penalty, which would be $100. However, the exact cost depends on the destination you’re covering and the extra weight you carry. 

  • If your baggage is more than 32kg, then it will not be allowed to be carried on the British Airways flight. 

  • Suppose your baggage dimension is more than 75 x 29.5 x 25.5 inches. Then you will not be allowed to carry it on the flight. 

Once you have followed the baggage policy provided above, you’ll be able to carry your luggage without any issues. 

Customer Service:

You can contact the customer service team to get information regarding the baggage. In this manner, you’ll get the resolution without any delay. 

Via Call:

  • You need to phone up on the British Airways number. 

  • You’ll listen to the recorded voice, which will offer you options. 

  • Now your call will be moved to the representative from the baggage team

It is straightforward to connect with the customer services team

Via Chat. 

If you still have a question, “How many bags are allowed in British Airways?” Then you can choose the options below to get the resolution. 

  • Get on the official website

  • Now click the “Contact” option. 

  • You’ll come across the start chat option on the new page. 

  • Select the chat icon. 

  • Now a chat box is going to open up. 

  • From the chatbox, you need to choose the appropriate options. 

  • Your chat is going to be moved to the representative who is trained for baggage queries. 

That is it. Now you are ready to make your booking and then carry your luggage for free. You can also connect with the customer service team of British Airways. They are also available through email mediums or social networks. You only need to choose the one which is most convenient for you. 


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