How long are hold times for Alaska Airlines?

How Long are Hold Times for Alaska Airlines?


The major goal of Alaska Airlines, the biggest airline in America, is to give all of its clients the greatest services and help them have a better and safer trip. The whole, full information about the Alaska Airlines waiting time is provided below if you are planning to hold the flight ticket. You must read this article through to the finish in order to dispel any misunderstandings you may have.


How to hold a flight ticket on Alaska Airline:-

Here are some procedures that permit you to hold the flight ticket on Alaska Airlines, you will get two options to select the online methods and the offline method, if you are not able to use the online methods then you can use the offline method.


The online methods to connect:-

  • Firstly, open the Alaska Airline and process the booking. 

  • Then, you have to select Alaska Airlines and check the price of the holding flight.

  • Now, you have to enter all the information of the passengers and then select the holding price ticket package. 

  • After that, make the payment for your flight ticket.

  • The flight ticket price will stay the same if you hold the flight ticket for 1-3 days. 

  • Now, to buy the itinerary with the holding charges.

  • Then, find the manage my reservation tab and fill out all the required details there. 

  • Lastly, you have to move to the fly and pay option to make your payment complete. 


The offline methods:-

If you are not able to use the above methods clearly then you have to follow the offline methods to get in contact with customer services. You have to access the official website of Alaska airlines and search for the contact us option. Now, you will find their official contact number to connect with customer services. Then dial the number at  000 800 100 1051 and then select the language. Lastly, you have to follow the instruction and make the payment to hold the flight ticket. 


How long is the hold time for Alaska Airline?

If you are using the hold feature while booking the flight then you have to know about the hold times for Alaska Airlines. Here is the holding time for Alaska, you can hold your flight ticket and lock the fare charges for 24 hours before the final purchase of a ticket. If you are using this feature then it will be best if your plan is uncertain. 


Terms and conditions to hold the flight tickets:-


There are some terms and conditions that you have to know if you are using the hold feature. Below are some points that will help you to understand this feature properly:-


  • The holding ticket fare depends on the availability, and the airline has a right to cancel your ticket anytime or before the hold time ends. 

  • You are not able to hold the flight and itinerary for the same person twice. 

  • If you are using the ticket hold feature then you can book any itinerary for free of cost and make the payment later within 24 hours of ticket purchase. 

  • You have to book the flight within 24 hours of holding time otherwise you are not able to book the flight at the same fare. 


May all the information regarding How long are hold times for Alaska Airlines? Will be helpful for you while booking the flight ticket. There are all the required information that you needed and if have any doubts then contact customer services. 


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