How do you use an unused Delta eTicket?

Methods of using the unused Delta Eticket

One of the best and largest airlines operating in the US is Delta. Additionally, Delta can suggest the most effective strategies to give each component of its services. It covers all of their best amenities when booking seats at Delta, reserving tickets, receiving a refund, and other things. Additionally, if we talk about their refund policies for tickets, you can get your money back after canceling a ticket in the form of an Eticket or an Ecredit if you don't want a refund in the form of a valid money payment. The Eticket is the conventional electronic ticket that can be stored in the reservation section as a Travel Eticket. So, if you are trying to determine the methods of utilizing the unused delta eticket, further you will know about it. Therefore, for that, it’s just to read and apply the following methods to use the Eticket, and that is:


Use an Eticket through SkyMiles Account

Moreover, suppose you want to find your travel Eticket. In that case, you have to go to the unused traveling voucher or Ecredit>>>then, make my Delta SkyMiles Account>>>browse for Delta airlines redeem page.


Then, Use Certificates, Ecredits, Delta Gift card page will open>>>scroll to the “can’t find your Ecredits?”


You will see the option regarding Look up certificates and etickets>>>enter all the necessary information of SkyMiles account and move to “look up” option>>> thereafter, add the journeyer name>>>then, the Eticket will present in your medium. 


Therefore, now, you will know about using the Eticket for reserving a flight at Delta Airlines. You will locate further to pursue the following ways of using the Eticket via SkyMiles account medium.


  • Make Sign in/login into the SkyMiles account

  • Open the profile section

  • Then, the personal details page will open 

  • Thereafter, you must pawl to the Travel Etickets, Vouchers, and Certificates bar.

  • Then, you are on the voucher page, Certificates and the delta unused eticket open, or Delta Ecredits will open.

  • Test the voucher column 

  • And, apply for booking the Delta Airlines flight

  • After that, do the continuation to reserve the flight at Delta Airlines.


Usually, reserve the tickets by paying with Etickets

In addition, it is the additional mode to utilize the delta unused eticket, and you have to book your tickets usually and use both unused travel credits by following steps that further you will get it.


  • Launch the web portal of the

  • Then, go on the page manage booking

  • After that, fill all the required information in that and continue it

  • Tap on the button to select the flight

  • Complete all the procedures for the reserving the tickets before the payment

  • Then, move to the use of Etickets and tap on it

  • Further, select the delta Etickets that you want to use it

  • And, pay via Etickets of Delta Airlines.


Therefore, Delta Airlines will send you the confirmation of the reserving seats by using delta unused eticket vs ecredit easily. In addition, with these methods, you can easily book your seats at Delta Airlines. So, if you are interacting with any problems with using the Delta Airlines unused Etickets or Ecredits, Delta Airlines customer support will help you always. In addition, the customer support of Delta can help you via chitchatting by showing the 24*7 availability. Furthermore, you can also visit them online and at the airport, know about the Eticket and Ecredit benefits and the methods used. 

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