How Do I Speak To A Live Person at Lufthansa?

How Do I Speak to Live Person at Lufthansa Airline?

The best way to talk to a live person at Lufthansa is through the chat assistant present on the official webpage of the airline. The passenger can initiate the chat with an assistant through the simple step that has been provided here:


  • Peruse the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.

  • Scroll through the main page to find the Help box at the top end.

  • In the subsequent page displayed, the passenger needs to browse down and find the Our Chat Assistant link. Tap on it. 

  • The dialogue box for chatting with the assistant would appear on the bottom corner of the page that gets displayed.

  • The passenger can put forth their request in the form of a query or ask for information by typing in the chat.

  • Once the chat is initiated, the assistant with the airline will get connected and provide the much-required solution for the problem faced or give details about the particulars being asked. 

  • The chat assistant is available at the service of the passenger 24*7, enabling them to chat as and when the time permits. 


Get in Touch with a Live Person at Lufthansa Airlines.

The best way to get in touch with Lufthansa Airlines is through the Contact Form that has been made available with the airline under the Feedback icon provided on the contact page. The passenger just needs to fill in all the necessary attributes being asked as part of their query and make the submission. 


How Do I Get A Live Human Help at Lufthansa?

The best way to get human at Lufthansa is either through the call followed by the chat and email options. The frequency of response time with the email would be the slowest, with the highest being with the chat option. The calling option allows the passengers to get hold of the agent and ask for assistance through a single call. 


How Do I Reach Lufthansa?

The passenger can reach Lufthansa through the divergent methods that have been discussed below:

  • Through Call: Calling the airline in the respective number provided for the specific region is the easiest method, which the passenger can opt for when the requirement arises. The agent will get assigned to provide assistance as per need. 


  • Via Chat: The chat icon can be accessed by the passenger in case they have an impeding question that needs redressal. It can also be used when the passenger requires information on certain aspects. 


  • Filling out the feedback and contact form: For the various issues about the travel experience that the passenger has, they can directly fill in the form as per the issue faced and make a submission. The team will get connected to find a solution for the same. 


How Do I Speak To Lufthansa Airlines by Phone?

The passenger can dial and place a call with the airline at +1 800 - 645 38 80, +1 802 - 541 34 59. There will be a certain waiting time, after which the passenger will get connected to the customer support team. The team will assign an agent to give the required assistance to the passenger depending on the type of support required by them. The team is available to provide the necessary help all through the day. 


How Do I Contact Lufthansa's Phone Number?

The passenger can connect with the Lufthansa Airlines contact numbers through the steps that have been intricately explained:


  • Leaf over the Lufthansa Airlines official website.

  • Manoeuvre over the landing page to find the Help icon and tap on it.

  • Choose the Call Centre link that gets displayed on the next page.

  • Navigate across the various contact numbers provided to find the preferred number to place a call.

  • Dial and connect at +1 800 - 645 38 80, +1 802 - 341 34 59 to get to talk with an agent from the airline. 

  • The assigned agent from the customer support team will give relevant instructions to the passenger so as to find a solution to the problem raised. 


What is the Lufthansa Email Service Provided To The Passenger?

The passenger could send an email to the airline at The email should contain all the relevant details and attachments that are required for the team to review the situation faced by the passenger and accordingly act on it. The response from the team would be sent in the specific time frame mentioned. 


Can the passenger get Lufthansa Airlines Social Media Support?

Lufthansa Airlines is very well connected through its social media platform with its passengers. It has an active presence on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. The passenger can directly send in a message and subscribe to these channels for regular updates required. 


What is the Special Assistance at the Airport?

The additional assistance that is provided by the staff to the passengers with differentiated levels of mobility issues is referred to broadly as special assistance. The provision of wheelchairs and other assistance will be given to the passengers depending on the type and extent of the issues that they can face while traveling. It is also provided to elderly citizens, pregnant ladies, specially-abled passengers, and passengers with major health issues.


How Can I Request Special Assistance from Lufthansa?

The passenger can request special assistance from the airline a maximum of 48 hours before the departure of the flight. The assistance can be requested majorly through two modes:


  • Requisite made by means of online mode:

Lufthansa Airlines has provided their special assistance form, which the passenger can avail of through the official website. They simply need to state all the details as asked and then make a submission with special requests, if any. The airline will cater to all the amenities that have been asked for as part of the special assistance asked for. 


  • Ask for assistance via call:

The passengers simply need to place a call with the airline at 0 800 - 83 84 267/ 0 802 34 13 459. The representative will get connected, wherein they ask the passenger to provide the details of the special assistance required along with the specifications, if any. 


How Do I Claim A Refund from Lufthansa?

The passenger can request a refund by the modes given:


  1. By canceling the trip and then making a refund request through the My Bookings link.  

  2. Fill out the refund request form.


Is Lufthansa Customer Care Available 24/7?

Yes, the Lufthansa Customer Service has been made available to the passenger 24/7. The major motive behind this move is that the passenger can get connected to the airline as per their comfort, suitability, and flexibility. This will, in turn, increase customer satisfaction, making it a preferred flight for both short and long-haul flights.

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