How Do I Reschedule My Air China Flight Tickets?

How Do I Reschedule My Air China Flight Tickets?

If you are someone who was scheduled to fly on air china as you have made ticket purchasing and suddenly your plans changed, and you have made a plan to reschedule your flight, that is why you want to know can i reschedule my air china flight tickets? To answer this straight away, yes, you can there is a whole process that is given after you complete reading, and this can make sure that you reschedule your air china flight to the next available time after using the ways to reschedule.

What are the Ways To Reschedule the Ticket?

Sometimes there are many scenarios due to which you choose to travel for the next available timings of air china, and for that, you have to use some process to reschedule your flight of air china to the next available dates after using the Process.

What is a way to reschedule your flight if you are making changes using a phone air china?

First of all, you have to make use of a phone as it is one of the most straightforward ways to get your flight rescheduled and for that, you have to first make a call to the customer support of air china at +1-800-882-8122. And after that, you must select a language and then your issue from the portal after you get connected to customer support, you have to provide your PNR and your last name, and then they tell you the available flights of air china, and you have to select any and make your payment if there is any to complete the processes of rescheduling of your flight with air china.

Explain the Process of rescheduling using a website

One of the simplest ways to make your flight rescheduled is using the air china website, if you want to know a way that you can use to get issue of reschedule my Air China flight tickets and you have to follow the steps.

 First, you have to go to the website of the air china

  • Then you have to click on manage my trips 

  • Now complete pnr as well as your last name 

  • After submission, you can get all the details of the tickets that you have purchased with air china

  • Click on the one that you want to make changes 

  • Then select available timings that are available, and then you can also provide a reason,and after that, you can make payment and confirm this

  • Now an email is received at your email with your rescheduled timings of the air china flight 

If you were supposed to travel with air china and changed your plans and want to make a way so that you can reschedule that ticket and select a new one and keep a view of the same, there are multiple processes given you can use and make changes to your ticket and the first way is getting to customer support and telling them to change your ticket or another way is using the website of air china and following the steps that are given to make changes to your flight.

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