How to Use Delta eCredits & Vouchers to Book New Flights

How do I redeem unused eTicket on Delta?


Are you trying to rebook your ticket reservation with Delta Airlines because you have to change or cancel your flight during COVID? You are exactly where you need to be. Let us consider how to redeem unused Delta eTicket for flight rebooking or for new reservations at 


How to Find Your e-ticket or Vouchers at 


The Delta e-ticket will show in your account within 24 hours of canceling the flight booking. However, you will get multiple e-tickets if you have canceled a family trip on Delta. This makes it hard to track down all e-tickets and vouchers for rebooking on 


Delta SkyMiles Account. 

Having a Delta SkyMiles account makes it easy to track down all your vouchers or e-tickets for further reservations at Here is a step-by-step guide to locating a Delta e-ticket using your SkyMiles account. 


  • First and foremost, passengers need to log in to their Delta SkyMiles account. 

  • Use your credentials to perform login at

  • Next, click on the ‘My Profile’ option on the page. 

  • Scroll down and you will find the ‘certificates, eCredits, e-tickets, and Vouchers’ option. Select it. 

  • On the next page, you can clearly see the eCredit or e-ticket value and expiration date. 

  • You can copy the e-ticket code from here and use it on the payments page for your flight rebooking. 


Without a Delta SkyMiles Account. 

People who booked their travel without any Delta SkyMiles account can simply use their ticket number to find an e-ticket for rebooking at 


  • Look for your Delta confirmation email. 

  • You can find your ticket number in the email. This is a 13-digit number and starts with #006. 

  • Next, visit the following link in order to redeem your e-ticket for rebooking:

  • Enter the ticket confirmation number in the ‘Certificates or e-ticket #’ field to put it to use. 


How to use an e-ticket for rebooking? 


Passengers need to select the ‘Use e-ticket’ option on the payments page to redeem an e-ticket for a flight rebooking at You are able to find this option on the payments page after completing your bookings using the Delta flight booking tab at Select the Delta e-ticket you wish to use and apply it. You will see the remaining fare (if applicable)  getting displayed on the screen. Complete the payment and receive a ticket confirmation email from Delta Airlines. 


Have trouble using your e-ticket or voucher? 


Passengers having trouble with their e-tickets or vouchers redeeming may proceed to take help from a customer service professional at the airline. One can connect with the customer service team at to get help with payments and rebooking using Delta e-tickets or vouchers. 


Dial the helpline number to get details and get started with your reservations. You can connect with the reservations department at Delta to get help. People can also connect with the customer support team at Delta by navigating to the official website. Look for the contact us option on the homepage and you can find numerous contact options such as email and chat to connect with a customer service representative at

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