How Do I Make A Call To Frontier Airlines at the Miami Airport?

How Do I Make A Call To Frontier Airlines at the Miami Airport?

If your Frontier Airlines flight is scheduled from Miami airport and you wish to request special assistance to complete your journey, then you can contact the airline customer services at the airport. If you have never reached them before and you are wondering, “How to Call Frontier Airlines at Miami Airport?” Then you will come across all the required information to get through in the upcoming section. 

Crucial Details To Get in Touch with Frontier Airlines at Miami Airport:

Miami International Airport customer care phone number: +1-305-876-7000 & +1 (802)541-3459

Airport Code: MIA

Miami International airport website:

To contact Airport police: (305) 876-7575, +3 (491) 901-0494

The toll-free number to contact MIA: 800-825-5642

Frontier airline's official website:

To contact the airport baggage storage room: (305) 869-1163

For parking-related problems: (305) 876-7000 #4

For TSA: (305) 421-2421

For MIA hotel reservations: (305) 871-4100 

Different Mediums To Reach Frontier Airlines Customer Services at Miami Airport:

  • Contact Frontier at Miami airport by using the phone approach: In order to Call Frontier Airlines at Miami Airport, callers must dial the official contact number: and to get in contact with the corresponding representative, they must follow the instructions provided by an automated voice. 


  • Send an email to Miami airport: If you wish to express your traveling feedback or you wish to file a complaint about the airport experience, then you can draft a concise email and drop it at the official address: By using this option, you can also attach the supporting documents. 


Is it possible to connect with Frontier airlines and Miami airport over social media? 

Yes, nowadays, travelers can obtain important information about their flight departure and other relevant information over social media platforms. They are also eligible to share their traveling experience at the airport by tagging the official handlers on the following platforms:




Services offered by Frontier Airlines at Miami airport:

Passengers can reach the airport counter of Frontier airline to get information or to resolve any of the following issues:

  • If you are facing issues in booking or canceling your flight tickets.

  • For the issues related to check-in.

  • If you wish to receive special assistance.

  • If your luggage is misplaced or damaged.

  • To obtain information about delayed-flights.

  • Immigration or visa-related issues.

  • To use lounge facilities.

  • For upgrading your seats.

Where is the lost and found department at MIAMI International Airport?

If you want to register your request about your lost item at the airport, then you must reach North Terminal D at Level 4 of the airport. This facility is available all days of the week from 8 am to 6 pm. If your lost item is identified at the terminal of the airport, parking area, or at employee areas, then it will be kept for up to 30 days. 


What is the operating terminal of Frontier airlines at Miami airport, and how can we check it?

If you wish to gather information about the departing terminal of your flight, then most Frontier flights operate from F concourse. Sometimes the terminal changes at the last moment. In that situation, they can check the official website using the following points:

  • Go to the official Miami airport website.

  • Tap on flight info from the top menu bar.

  • Select the airline directory from the drop-down menu bar presented on the home page.

  • Check your airline departing information from the list available. 


How To Report Lost Items at Miami Airport? 

If your luggage is somewhere lost at the airport, then you can fill out an online-form using the following steps:

  • Visit the official Miami airport website.

  • Navigate to the lost and found section.

  • Tap on the claim form link.

  • Fill in the details and also mention your bag tags and other information.

  • Press the submit button after reviewing the details filled.

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