Get a Call Back from Southwest Airlines

Get A Call Back from Southwest Airlines

Do you know if Southwest Airlines allows callback requests? If someone needs help but doesn't want to wait on hold, they can ask for a callback at their desired time. You must speak with a live person at Southwest Airlines if you have any questions about your flight or need professional advice. You can ask for a callback through a variety of channels.

Ways To Send A Call Back Request at Southwest Airlines

There are numerous options by which you will be able to get a callback from Southwest Airlines and discuss your concern with an expert. The available ways to request a callback are:

Contact Form

First is the contact form, which the customers can fill out to get a callback from Southwest Airlines, and this form is available on their official site. This form requires a brief description of the customer's query and the contact details. A concerned person will get back to you to provide the solution. With the given steps, you can get a call from Southwest:

  • Get on the official site and tap on the Contact Us button,

  • Find the Call back option on the contact page,

  • Click on the option, and the form page will appear on your screen,

  • Fill in your contact number and email address,

  • Choose a date & time to get the Call from Southwest,

  • Add the description of your query,

  • Click the Submit button to send the request for a callback.

Live Chat

Customers can request the Call back from Southwest through the live chat medium. You can ask questions virtually from the live assistant, but if your query does not resolve, then request a call back on the same chat. Follow the instruction to do so:

  • On the contact page of the website, click on the live chat icon,

  • Ask your queries first and receive information,

  • Then choose the option of Call back on the chat window,

  • State your preferred timing and date to the live person or ask for an instant call back.

Mobile App:

Southwest Airlines has a mobile app for the easy accessibility of their services for customers. They had provided a call-back option on their app. One can download the app from the play store or apple store and sign up with their account. After installing the app, the below steps will be required:

  • Go to the menu of the app,

  • Click on the Help option,

  • Tap on the "Request a Call Back" button,

  • Fill all the required columns,

  • Then press the submit button.

Social Media

You may use the social media account of Southwest Airlines to request a callback. One can message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp for the query and ask to give a call at a specific time. An online person from customer service will reply to you and confirm the Callback. You can go to any account of Southwest Airlines from their website by clicking on the social media icon.

Hence, if a person requires the assistance of an expert for guidance or on travel queries and tried calling the Southwest Airlines customer contact number but still didn't get a person, then through the above ways, you can request a callback. 


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