How Do I Contact Hong Kong Airlines?

How Do I Contact Hong Kong Airlines?

Airlines desire a relationship with their customers. The idea is to help airlines better understand the wants and problems of their customers so they can provide better services at less expensive costs. As users can contact the airline when they require assistance, it benefits both tourists and Hong Kong Airlines. There are several ways for travelers to contact Hong Kong Airways for assistance.

Which medium is best? Well, that depends on why you want to contact the airline. Better call customer support if you have an emergency and your flight is due in the next few hours. Email is suggested if flyers wish to share their experience with the live representative. 

When passengers can contact Contact Hong Kong Airlines

  • To make or manage their reservations. 
  • For any issues faced during the cancellation or request a refund from the airline, reach out to the customer executives. 
  • Your concerns related to terms and conditions regarding baggage policy, check-in, and itinerary services. 
  • To clear doubts about boarding the flights. 

First, flyers can check the official website of the Hong Kong airline or their ticket confirmation sent to their registered Email. If issues aren’t resolved, refer to the FAQ, as most common queries are addressed on the website. 

However, you can reach the airline anytime, anywhere, when you need guidance, or you have some individual concerns. How Do I Contact Hong Kong Airlines?

Reach out via the Contact number

Dial +852-3916-3666 to contact Hong Kong Airlines. The airline offers this service 24 hours to service the travelers at their best. 

The advantages of using the phone number:

  • To communicate better because it is a two-way communication medium. 
  • Instantly respond to the passengers, which means immediately resolving the issue. 
  • Recommended when someone has an urgent personal problem that concerns their immediate flight. 

Hong Kong Airlines can contact the passengers if necessary for any issues that are related to a booking or ticket-related issues. If not the contact number, try these ways to speak to a live person at Hong Kong airlines.

Customer service via Live chat 

Hong Kong Airlines has presented live-chat services to passengers. To talk with a live representative via chat, passengers can contact from 

Welcome to experience our Live-Chat service from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Hong Kong time on any day. Follow the steps to assess the live chat: 

  • Visit the official website. 
  • Click contact us.
  • Scroll down to click on details. 
  • Select the Start Chat. 

All the assistance offered by the phone call is also presented to the passengers. So this has the same experience as calling the agents. On the other side, using a chat service now reduces the waiting time. 

Customer Service Via Email

Another alternative to speaking with the airline is Email. This is best suited for complaints and suggestions. Service users can get in touch via If you don’t get any reply from the airline at the earliest, try using other mediums. For more updated information, follow Facebook to get the latest information about your next flight. 

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