How Can I Contact Delta by Phone?

How Can I Contact Delta by Phone?

One of the most accommodating airlines, Delta not only offers fantastic in-flight amenities but also helps clients with helpful customer support services. If you run into any issues while travelling, get in touch with customer service to obtain the help you need. You can get in touch with Delta by phone or through any of the other channels described in the next section.

Contact Delta by Phone: You can dial the official Delta contact number:+1-800-221-1212, +1 (802) 341-3459, +1 (802)541-3459 and select one of the options from the IVR menu. After which, you will be connected to a corresponding representative who will provide a solution to get rid of your issue as soon as possible.

Different ways to get in touch with Delta: Apart from reaching the Delta customer care service through a phone call, the customers are also free to use any of the following ways:

  • Via live chat 

  • By sending an email

  • Via social media

You can select the medium that best suits you; the complete description to contact delta customer care is given in the forthcoming section.

Reach Via Live Chat: If you contact customer services via phone call, then there are major chances of a busy network; hence you need to wait for long hours before actually getting the solution to your problem. In that case, the best alternative is live chat. You not only get a quick solution, but the assistance is available 24/7. To avail of this option, the customers are required to follow the given instructions sequentially:

1)Visit the official Delta website through a browser, or you can use the airline mobile application from your smartphone or tablet.

2) Click on the "contact us" option under the help section.

3)Click on your issue & scroll down on the page, and click on the chat icon.

4)Type your issue in the message box & press the send button.

5)Soon, you will be assisted by a team representative who will provide the finest possible solution to your concern in the shortest time.

Reach via sending an email: If you traveled with Delta airlines & you come across any issue during the journey, you are free to share your experience by filling out the feedback form, similar to sending an email. You need to use the given steps to avail of this option:

  • After visiting the official website & navigating to the help center, you need to scroll a little.

  • On the right corner of the portal, you will see a feedback form; click on it to begin the process.

  • You need to choose the topic regarding your feedback & click on the submit button.

  • Once the feedback form opens, fill out all the mandatory fields & click on the submit button. You can also insert your message in the space provided and attach the supporting documents to verify your concern.

  • Finally, end the process by clicking the submit button.

  • You will be reverted soon.

Reach via Social media: Delta also lets you reach the customer care team by using social media platforms. You can either post your issue and tag the official Delta account to get a revert, or you can send them a personal message & wait for their response.

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