How Do I Contact Austrian Airlines Customer Service?

Grab Knowledge To Contact Australian Airlines

Australian Airline is the flag carrier of Australia. While picking up an airline as a travel partner, there could be a few problematic terms that are tough to get by a nonprofessional. If you have been stuck in a similar kind of situation, then you can get aid from its customer service and make the journey comfortable. If you are unaware of the movies offered by the Airline, read the subheadings.

How Can I Reach Customer Service at Austrian Airlines?

If, after you have booked your reservation at Austrian Airlines, you want to make some changes to it. Such as, the seat that has been assigned to you is not of your choice, and you want to select your seat on the flight. However, for this, you need to know the seat selection policy and the procedure through which you can do that. To enlighten yourself about the same, if you are thinking, Can I contact Austrian Airlines Customer Service? Then there are some different methods through which you can do that, and these will be discussed further in this read. 

How To Call The Customer Executive of Austrian Airlines?

When you are traveling with Austrian Airlines and want to choose your seat but have no knowledge about the same, you can contact the Austrian Airlines Customer Service on the phone and resolve all the queries that are troubling you. Follow the procedure given below and speak to the customer executive of Austrian Airlines:

  • Dial 1 (800) 843-0002, +3 491 901 0494 the customer service contact number of Austrian Airlines, and follow the IVR menu.

  • You need to press 1 to choose your preferred language at the help center.

  • You can press 2 for the queries related to your scheduled Austrian flights.

  • Press 3 if you want to make reservations or have issues about the same.

  • Resolve your problem related to the cancellation, refunds, seat selection, name change, etc. Press 4.

  • To speak to the customer service executive of Austrian Airlines, press 5.

Can I Get Live Chat Support from Austrian Airlines?

If speaking to someone on the phone is getting difficult for you, then you can connect with the live chat assistant of the Airline. They are available 24/7 and free of cost. They will listen to your troubles and provide solutions quickly. Go through the below mentioned steps and get to the live chat support and ask about the seat selection procedure:

  • Visit the official website of Austrian Airlines.

  • Then scroll down to customer service and click on Contact from the given options.

  • Open the message box at the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Click on start chat, pick your query, and start sharing your concerns with the live chat assistant.

How To Email The Customer Service of Austrian Airlines?

When you travel, you experience numerous things during the journey, and you can share these experiences with the Austrian Airlines. You can make complaints, share your suggestions and complaints, etc. All the feedback can be sent to the Airline. You just have to draft an email of the same and send it to the Airline at, and they will take the mandatory action upon it and respond to you as soon as possible.

System to speak with the Australian Airline customer service

There are distinct options to get a hold of the Austrian Airlines Customer Service team, and the information about that are written at the bottom.

Via Call

When you have to acquire aid by communicating with a live person, give a ring, and you may get the resolution on the spot. Thus, you can dial the phone number 1 800843 0002 and select a preferred language first. Thereafter, pick an option from the IVR menu, such as:-

  • Press1 to know about flight status

  • Press4 for a special assistance request

  • Press7 to lodge a complaint 

  • Press0 to speak with the customer service

Via Chat

If you cannot establish verbal communication, you can share your question with the Airline using chat modes. And the step-by-step clue for getting there has been demonstrated at the bottom:-

  • Open the official website of Australian Airlines 

  • And then, click on the contact icon

  • After that, click on the chat icon 

  • Now, click on the start chat icon and ask your doubts

Via Email

When you have to keep track of your written request or urge to share a pdf file with customer service, then submit an email form. You can get the answers within 12 to 48 hours, and a hint to get there has been demonstrated beneath.

  • Head to the authenticated website of Australian Airlines

  • And then click on the contact icon

  • Now, get to the subject and choose a topic.

  • After that, you have to enter the information asked in the form and click on the submit icon.

Via Feedback 

Reaching out to customer service after completing the journey is possible by sharing a review of the services through the feedback modes. Thus the ways to get there are demonstrated here.

  • Visit the Australian Airlines' official website

  • Later on, click on the contact option

  • And then, click on the feedback icon

  • Now, type the detail in the form and click on the send icon.

How To Contact Austrian Airlines On Social Media?

If you have any queries, then you can contact the Airline on its social media platforms. Twitter is the best when it comes to replying to the queries of the passengers. The social media team of Austrian Airlines is quite active on social media, so that you will get quick responses. The social media platforms of the Airlines are semitones below: 

Furthermore, a commonly asked issue can I contact Austrian Airlines Customer Service could not get your way because the relevant answers are stated here. 

How Can You Reach Australian Airlines?

On Australian Airlines, you can seek the benefits of many services such as low fare calendar, seat options, special Assistance, managed itineraries, etc. And for resolving any doubt that occurred by using these, approach the customer service team for the solutions. Moreover, the option to get by Airline has been displayed under

  • Dial its official phone number 1 800843 0002

  • You can also choose chat or submit an email form.

  • Otherwise, approach them on social media handles.

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