How do I talk to a live person at Air China?

How do I Speak to a live person at Air China?


Traveling with an airline tends to be the most coherent experience if you want to make the travel to be enthralling and relaxing at the same time. There can be instances when, during the booking process, you would be faced with some issues. It would then be needful for you to know; How do I contact Air China Customer Service?; the specific details to which are given here for you to make a better understanding of. 


Elaborate on the connecting channels available with Air China:

There are various modes through which you can connect with the airline team for the assistance and support that is required. The attributes for the same are given below as follows:


Getting in touch with Air China on call:

The team with the airline can be connected by means of a call, by placing a call at Air China Phone Number. The methodological steps that need to be followed to access the calling number with the airline is as follows:

  • Leaf through the official website of Air China.

  • Scan on the page to find the Customer Support headline. 

  • Browse through to find the Contact Us link and click on it.

  • On the next page that would be displayed, find the contact numbers available with the airline. 

  • Ring up at +1-800-882-8122, or +1-802-341-3459(at USA) where after a certain waiting time, the call will get connected to the customer support team of the airline. 

  • State the reason for placing the call, after which an agent would be assigned accordingly for redressal. 


Framing in a mail to the team of the airline:

A mail can be shared with the team of Air China if the calling lines are busy or not getting connected through. The official mail address with the airline is, where you can share the mail with all the pertaining details and attachments. The team will review the shared mail and, accordingly, get back as needed. 


Details on the Members Hotline with Air China:

The contact modes under the Members Hotline of the airline differ, the particulars of which are given here as follows:

  • Phone number to connect with the hotline of Air China: +86-4006-100-666 

  • Official email address:

  • For ordinary card members:

  • For VIP card members:

  • Customer service hours: The agents with the airline have 24/7 availability through this number. 


Does Air China provide the option for registering complaints?

Yes, the airline, indeed, has a mechanism provided under the Air China Customer Service Contacts, for registering a complaint as per the need. For the same, you would need to send in the mail to, where the team will follow through with the complaint registered and then find a solution. 


What are the customer service hours with Air China?

The calling lines with the airline can be connected from Friday through Monday in the timings of 06:00 to 21:00 hours. On Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays, the call can be connected between 07:30 to 16:00 hours. It is indeed advisable to connect during the time specified to connect with the team effectively. 

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