How Do I Claim Compensation from Solaseed?

How Do I Claim Compensation from Solaseed?

 Solaseed is of Japanese origin; it offers services from Miyazaki airport from Miyazaki prefecture. Suppose you have purchased tickets with Solaseed and want to cancel them as per the policy of solaseed. You must know that if you are looking for a way to getsolaseed flight cancellation compensation you can only complete part of the process online. You have to first cancel your ticket. After this, you have to inform the reservation and information center of the Solaseed if you want to get a refund, as there is no other way of getting compensation for a ticket that you have canceled. Even if you are eligible for a whole refund process, it is explained after reading that you can cancel and ask them for a refund.

Explain the Process of Refund

If you want your ticket refund first, you have to cancel your ticket and then inform the reservation and information center regarding your cancelation. Then only you will get your refund for that canceled ticket following the process explained. 

Process of Cancelation

If you want to cancel your ticket with Solaseed, you have to follow these steps, and if you do so, your ticket gets canceled, after which you can continue with the next process to complete your overall process of cancelation and refund. 

  • First, you must provide the URL of the Solaseed website after clicking on your web browser.

  • After this, you have to select manage my trips. 

  • As this page appears, you must provide your PNR and last name and then submit that.

  • Click on that ticket that you purchased recently with Solaseed and want a refund of 

After you click cancel, you must complete this process after following the steps. 

As soon as this cancelation is over, you are sent an email from the customer support team of Solaseed regarding the cancelation of a ticket. You can then move on with the refund process, which is explained later. 

Process of Asking for Compensation

After you have completed your cancelation process, the process is not over. You have to claim compensation from solaseed, and you have to do this offline. You have to call the Solaseed air service counter at 81-(0)6-7637-8817, and as soon as your call connects, you have to ask them to provide you with a refund. After this, you have to tell the support team of Solaseed your last name along with pnr, and after they confirm your cancelation of the ticket that you recently purchased with Solaseed, you are asked to wait for some period. 

Refund Period of the Solaseed Ticket 

After you have made a cancelation of your ticket and informed the Solaseed customer support regarding this cancelation, your refund process is initiated. After waiting for ten days, you can expect a refund of your purchased ticket. That refund is provided to you as the original form you used when purchasing ticket with solaseed. If you are still facing any issues regarding a refund, you can reach the support team and ask them regarding it. 

So this explains if you want to cancel your ticket and want a refund for that ticket, you have to first cancel after that process is over, you have to inform the support team of the solaseed regarding this cancelation. After some waiting period, your refund is provided to you.  

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