Learn to change the flight date on Copa Airline

Learn to Change the Flight Date on Copa Airline 

The trip's planning is a fluid process that might change at any time. The flight date has changed if you are flying Copa Airline due to a variety of reasons. Continue reading this page to learn useful details about Copa Airlines' modification of flight dates.


Technique to Change the Date On Copa Airlines

When you have to change your flight date on the airline, you can use the option mentioned at the bottom. The mode is as follows:-


In order to reschedule the flight date with customer service. You can use the airline phone number which is 1 786 840 (2672), and follow the IVR menu such as this:-

  • Tap1 to choose the language 

  • Tap3 for flight change 

  • Tap6 to know about the miles

  • Tap0 to speak with customer service


When you cannot conduct the date change process through a call, you can use the online process and make the changes yourself. And the steps to perform the process have been stated beneath:-

  • Open Copa Airline's official website 

  • After that, click on my trip option 

  • Further, type the e-ticket number and last name of the passenger

  • Then click click on the change date option 

  • Now choose the flight date and click on the next option

  • And then, if there is any cost for change, make the payment and click on confirm option.

  • Afterward, you can get approval in the email address and phone number. 


Know About the Date Change Policy of Copa Airlines 

While going for the date change on the Copa airline, you might get to follow its statutory provision. And the details have been laid under the date change policy, which has been illustrated below:-

  • You get to change your flight date within 24 hours without paying any date change fee if your booking has been conducted more than seven days before the flight departure.

  • But when you have to change the flight date after that, you get to pay the change fee per the fare rule and location.

  • The date change fee on the Copa airline can be around $50 to $350 per the ticket type and time of changing the date.

  • Suppose the passenger has to change the date due to a medical emergency, illness, or court summons. In that case, you might get exempted from any additional fee if the airline approves the document.

  • When your original flight gets delayed by three hours or more, you can change to the next flight available for free.

  • If your flight gets canceled because of weather or a strike, then you can select the next available date, and for that, you don't get to pay any additional fee.

  • You might not be able to conduct the date change process from the airline if you have made your reservation with the travel agent. In this case, you get to communicate with them about the changes.


Thus, when you get here then, you might get aware of the date change process with policy and to Cancel flight date on Copa airlines, but if there is something that you need to know and that has not been covered here then, you can speak to the customer service team and avail solutions.


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