How do I Call KLM Airlines from New York?

How Do I Call KLM Airlines from New York?


Let's say you wish to switch your KLM airline flight from New York. You can do this by speaking with KLM Airlines customer care, who can assist you in finding answers to your questions and take all necessary steps to ensure that your trip is successful. Who can provide you with accurate and pertinent information if you are lost in New York and need assistance? All these wonderful things can be found in this article. You can phone the airline by reading the article all the way to the conclusion.

Modes To Connect with the KLM Airlines from New York

Via Call:

Calling is the quickest mode to get in touch with a person when you want an immediate response to your issue. Calling services of the airline are open 24/7, no matter which part of the country you are making a call to. The airline provides free calling services to its passengers. 

To make a call on the airline, call KLM's new york phone number (1-800-618-0104). Follow the given instructions to make a call:


  1. Dial the given phone number of the airline.

  2. Then, select your language to speak to the assistant of KLM Airlines.

  3. Next, you need to listen to the IVR commands.

  4. Select and press the key related to your query.

  5. Please wait for a few minutes, and then the call will connect, speak to the assistant and tell them about your problem. 

Via Chat: 

One can also contact KLM airlines from New york through chat. If you are looking for the quickest response to your problem, you can chat with the assistant. Follow the instructions for the chat:

  • Visit the official website, and go to the chat option. 

  • The chat box will open; choose your topic.

  • Write your query in the chat box, and the respondent will reply to you immediately.  


Via Email: 

To resolve your query, you can draft an email to the airline. But you will get the reply not immediately but within 24 hours.

  • Click on the given official email address of the airline, and a form will open.

  • Fill out the form by giving all the required information.

  • The mailbox will open. Write your mail in the mailbox.

Via Social Media:

Suppose you are unable to reach the airline, so you must visit the airline's social media platforms. Likely every airline, KLM airline also operates many social media platforms so that the passengers will reach every part of the country. One can send a direct message to the airline or comment on the recently posted post in the comment section.

  •  @ Klm - twitter 

  • @ Klm - Instagram

  • @ Klm - facebook

After reading the above article, you can easily call KLM airlines from New York. By just reading this article, you will get an instant solution to your problem, and also, after reading, you will know how you can use the airline's customer services. If you have any other doubts or are facing any problems, you can read other articles on the support page of the airline. 

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