How do I Call Delta Airlines from Brazil?

"How Do I Call Delta Airlines from Brazil?"

If your flight experience with Delta Airlines has not met your expectations, you can speak with a customer service professional to find a solution.

The numerous methods for contacting the airline and receiving assistance are discussed in the section that follows.

Various available mediums to approach Delta Airlines from Brazil

Customers can use any of the following mentioned alternatives to reach customer care service and get the desired assistance. If one method does not work, then you can use another medium to communicate.


Via phone call: If any customer wants to call Delta Airlines from Brazil, then they use the official phone number:1 (800) 221-1212; soon, your call will be connected to a computer-generated voice that will instruct you to select one of the options from the following IVR menu;

Press 1: to select your language

Press 2: to book a flight ticket

Press 3: for flight cancellation/refund

Press 4: to request a callback

Press 5: to know about airline policies

Press #: to request special assistance

On pressing one of the numbers, your call will be connected to the corresponding representative, who will provide the finest possible solution in the shortest time.


Via contact form: Delta also provides the facility to send an email by filling out the contact form. To use this alternative to contact Delta Airlines from Brazil, customers are required to follow the given instructions carefully:

  • Visit the official Delta Airline website.

  • Scroll to the extreme bottom of the page to discover the "customer service" option.

  • Click on the contact form link to proceed further.

  • Soon you will be taken to a page where you are required to fill in all the essential fields to continue.

  • You must mention your issue in the space provided and attach all the supporting documents to verify your concern.

  • Finally, end the procedure by hitting the submit button.

  • You will be reverted by the airline with the finest possible solution.


Via live chat: If by dialing Delta's Brazil phone number, your call does not get connected due to a busy network, then you can use this approach to reach Delta Airlines customer care services and resolve your issue. To use this option, people need to follow the following steps:

  • After visiting the official Delta airlines website and navigating to the customer service page from the main menu bar, login into your Delta account using your credentials to proceed.

  • Now from the available options, select your issue and click on the chat icon to proceed.

  • Now insert your issue in the message box, or you can select the mentioned issue.

  • Finally, press the send button.

  • Soon you will be assisted by Delta customer care representatives who will generate the solution to resolve your issue in the shortest time.


Via social media: Delta also allows customers to reach them using their official social accounts. You can follow the following social accounts to receive updates about various deals and post your issue:



If you want a quick response to your issue, then you can clearly mention your issue and send it as a personal message to the official account. You will be reverted based on the seriousness of your issue.


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