How Do I Book Multi City Flights on Austrian Airlines?

How Do I Book Multi City Flights On Austrian Airlines?

Booking your flight is an essential step when you plan to travel. It becomes even more critical if you have to trip to multiple cities as you have to choose a good airline. Austrian Airlines gives a comfortable ride and various facilities to its passengers. It offers a multi-city option to book with them. Now you must be wondering: How do I Book Multi City Flights on Austrian Airlines to avail a comfortable ride? The section below will offer different ways to book multi-city flights with them.

Please use the following modes to book multi-city flights with Austrian Airlines:

Via Online Modes:

Online mode will let you book multi-city flights in the following steps:

  • Navigate through the website of Austrian Airlines,

  • Look for the Book flight option.

  • Click on the Multi-stop flight category.

  • Choose the departure city, and your first stop, and then select the departure date.

  • In the below column, select the departure city and then the arriving place. Also, choose the departure date. This way, you can click on the Add button to add multiple cities to the same booking.

  • Click on the Search flight button.

  • All the available flights according to your schedule will appear on your screen.

  • Select the one suitable for you.

  • You can add additional services such as seat selection and other special assistance.

  • After selecting your flight, proceed to make the payment.

  • Choose the mode of payment and complete the payment process.

  • The payment confirmation will deduct the amount from your payment mode, and you will get your ticket via email.

Via Offline Mode:

You can use multi book your flight with Austrian airlines with you the help of customer service in the following steps:

  • Search for the website of Austrian Airlines on your search engine.

  • Look for the Customer service category.

  • Go to the Contacts option. Look for the customer phone number in the Austrian Airlines contacts worldwide type.

  • You can call their phone number, 1800843002, and wait for the automated IVR system to give you instructions to follow.

  • The IVR instructions are as follows:

  • Press 1 for the language.

  • Press 2 for existing bookings.

  • Press 3 for new bookings and reservations.

  • Press 4 for the flight status.

  • Press 5 for more options.

  • Press # to speak to the customer agent of Austrian Airlines.

  • You can select key 3 to book a multi-city flight with them. 

  • You can press the # key on your keypad to speak to their agent and take their help to secure a multi-city flight.

  • You can follow the procedure as they guide you and complete the payment process.

  • Extra service charges may apply in this process.

  • After completing the payment, you will get the electronic flight ticket through email.


Both online and offline booking modes will ensure that you can easily travel with Austrian Airlines. Even if you choose the online method to book a flight with them and meet some problems, you can contact their customer service to resolve the issue. Their assistants are available to provide you with help throughout the process. Passengers who want to Book Multi City Flights on Austrian Airlines can follow any of the methods given above and enjoy their multi-city trip with them.

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