How Can I Speak to a Live Person at Aeromexico?

How Can I talk to a Live Person in Aeromexico?

Aeromexico is a leading airline from Mexico. Mexico is a famous tourist destination with major attractions for beaches, lush rain forests, and other beautiful landscapes. Every year thousands of tourists fly to Mexico for vacations. Aeromexico is one of the major airlines in the country, operating to more than 90 destinations, and flies passengers from all corners of the globe to Mexico. If you are traveling to Mexico and have booked a ticket on Aeromexico, you may have some questions related to your booking and the journey or may require some information on the special assistance service of Aeromexico; you can speak to a person at Aeromexico airlines for assistance on your issues and queries. There are numerous ways to connect with Aeromexico customer service.


Ways to contact Aeromexico: 


Via call: you can call on the customer service number to speak to a person directly to clear your queries and issues. Calling is the most instant way to connect with the customer service representative for immediate assistance. It is always the first preference for customers to connect with customer service. To call Aeromexico airlines customer service, you can follow a very few and easy steps to call as given below and follow the IVR :

  •  Call 1-802-237-6639
  • Press1-to choose the language
  • Press2- to know about booking, cancellation, refund
  • Press 3- to know about allowance, restriction, missing baggage
  • Press 4- to know about covid19 rules and regulations
  • Press 5- to know about special assistance services
  • Press #-to speak to a person at customer service


Via live chat: you can enquire about your queries and issues through a live chat session on the official website of the airline. By live chat, you can speak to a live person at Aeromexico airlines and skip the hold time of a call. Live chat is a very effective and isntant way of connecting with the customer service representative to resolve queries and issues immediately. The procedure of live chat is very easy to follow :

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Select the live chat option
  • Enter your message 
  • Click on the send button
  • Get the necessary information from the customer service.

Via social media: the platforms of social media have become a very effective and instant way to connect with the customer service of an airline. When you go to the social media pages of Aeromexico, you can see a message tab in the corner. You can send in your doubts and issues through that page for an instant response from Aeromexico customer service. The social media pages of Aeromexico are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked in
  • Youtube

Via email: you can write an email with your queries and issues and request assistance from Aeromexico. Upon receiving your email, the customer service of Aeromexico will revert with all necessary information on your issues and queries. Connecting by sending an email is not a way to receive immediate help; rather, it can take a few days to get a response from customer service.

Via feedback form: you can fill out and submit a feedback form available on the official website of Aeromexico. Though not a primary means of connection, feedback forms are a better option for reaching customer service to give reviews of appreciation, suggestions, and opinions and also register your complaints if you are unsatisfied with the airline's services. You can write your messages in detail on the feedback form and send the form to customer care for assistance. To get to the feedback form, try the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of Aeromexico
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Select the feedback form option
  • Enter your last name, reference number/booking number
  • Enter your messages
  • Click on the send button
  • Get a response from Aeromexico customer service.


The services provided by Aeromexico to the passenger are as follows:

  •  For new bookings, rebooking tickets
  • For cancellation, rescheduling, refund of tickets
  • For information and assistance related to the baggage
  • For information on change and selection of seats on the flight
  • For information on various ways of check-in
  • For special assistance services like wheelchairs at the airport and onboard
  • For special assistance services like unmonitored minors, senior citizens, expecting lady passenger
  • Any other special assistance required by specially-abled passengers
  • For special assistance to passengers traveling with infants.
  • To pick up and drop off of passengers from the parking to their respective terminals
  • Giving individual attention to every passenger to make their journeys memorable with Aeromexico.


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