How Can I Get a Group Discount on United Airlines?

How Can I Get A Group Discount on United Airlines?


To get a group discount on United Airlines, you must ensure that you have satisfied the conditions mentioned in the group booking policy. Then making the reservation is undoubtedly going to be easy for you. The essential need to make the group booking and get the group discount is to ensure that you have at least ten members to make the booking. 

Procedure To Make the Group Booking:

To know the right way to make the group booking. Then you’ll be able to make the group booking on the official website of United Airlines. 

  • Open the website of United Airlines. 

  • Select search button. 

  • In the search bar, write “Group booking.” 

  • You’ll come across the direct link to the form. 

  • Fill up the group booking form. 

  • Once you have filled it, you have successfully made the reservation for group booking. 

However, before you make the group booking reservation, you need to ensure that you have followed the policy. You can even check the offers. That will help you get the Group Discount on United Airlines.


Group Booking Policy of the United Airlines

Before you make the group booking, you must read all the group booking policies. Once you have followed it, you’ll be able to make the booking without delay. 

  • To make the group booking, ensure that you have made the booking of at least ten members or more. 

  • If a child is under the age of twelve, then they need to be accompanied by an adult on the trip. 

  • You can pay the fare price within seven days of the booking. It is not essential to make the payment precisely when you have made the booking. 

  • Every passenger in the group is supposed to have a common flight segment. 

  • When you’re making the booking for a group, then you’ll not be able to have the benefit of the senior citizen or group discount. 

  • United Airlines has made a separate team for group booking. You only need to connect with them to make the booking. 

Connect with the customer service team of United Airlines. 

You can get in touch with the customer service team of United Airlines. Once you have associated with the team, they will make the group booking for you shortly. 

If you have this doubt or a question, “Does United airlines offer group rates?” Then the representative is going to help you out without any delay. 

Via Call: 

To make the group booking, you need to phone up on the official group booking number and then follow the information below. 


  • You need to call on the official number 1-800-426-1122. 

  • Once you have dialed the authorized number of the group booking, then you’ll come across the IVR menu. 

  • Choose the suitable options from the menu. 

  • Your call will be connected to the representative from the group booking team. 

The representative will ensure that you get the best service without any delay. You can even choose the connect with them through the live chat option. They will offer you the best group discount and the rates available at that time. Once that has happened, you only need to prepare to board your flight and enjoy your trip. 


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