How Can I Get a Group Discount on SAS Airlines?

How Can I Get a Group Discount on SAS Airlines?

Do you want to travel with SAS Airlines for your family vacation? If you are planning a trip with your family members and want to spend quality time with them, then you have selected the best airlines to start your journey. A significant discount can be attained on group bookings. Do you know does SAS Airlines offer group rates or not? Yes, they do, but they have some conditions and benefits, which you will know further. Carefully review their policies, learn about the additional benefits of group booking, and enjoy impeccable travel time with your family.

Group Booking Policies Of SAS Airlines

Review the policies to know the conditions of a group booking at SAS Airlines:

  • Group Bookings are allowed for 10 or more members.
  • Discounts on group bookings will depend on the destination, flight fare type, and time of the booking. 
  • Seats will be provided at the same place to all the group members.
  • You need to send a group booking request early to SAS Airlines to obtain a quote.
  • If all the group members are under 26 years of age, they benefit from Youth Group.

Benefits of Group Booking at SAS Airlines

If you consider group booking at SAS Airlines, you must know the benefits you can get. All the benefits are written below:

  • Guaranteed discount on your group ticket purchase.
  • You can get payment flexibility for group bookings.
  • Each member is entitled to an additional one checked baggage for free.
  • Preferred seats can be assigned to the group with additional charges.
  • You can upgrade group booking of SAS Go to SAS Plus and enjoy premium airport services.

Methods Of Group Booking At SAS Airlines

If you have read the policies and checked the benefits of Group Booking at SAS Airlines and now want to book the flight tickets, you first need to send a request to the airline and receive the group booking price. The available methods are:

Fill out A Group Booking Request Form Online

You can send your request through an online form available on the SAS Airlines official website. The form will require the details of all the passengers flying together and the destination and date. Below are the steps provided for filling out the online form:

  • Open the SAS Airlines website on your device,
  • Tap on the Fly with Us Button, then select the Group Travel option,
  • Click on “Make a Group Request Here” to open the concerned form,
  • Now fill in the Group Details and personal information,
  • Fill in information about the trip and add if you need any special assistance,
  • Recheck the form after filling and then hit the Submit button,

By following the steps, your request will be reached by SAS Airlines, who will send you the price and details of the group booking via email. You can check the cost there and then give your confirmation for the bookings and pay through an online mode of your choice.

Contact Customer Service 

If you have group booking queries, you can take help from an expert at SAS Airlines and request to book flights. Contact customer service for your help by following the below steps:

  • Dial the customer care number of SAS Airlines: 1800 221 2350,
  • Press * to skip the IVR instructions and contact the customer service team,
  • Make your request for group booking by sharing the trip details,
  • Provide your email to receive the details of the group discount on SAS Airlines for your booking, 
  • After receiving the email, decide whether you would like to book at the quoted price and contact the representative to complete your booking.

Hence, if you have planned a trip with your family members and are going to travel with a group of more than 10 members, then take benefit of this procedure and get a group discount on SAS Airlines. It is the best way to save money on flight bookings and enjoy better services with your family.

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