How can I change my name on Spirit Airlines Ticket?

How Can I Change My Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket?

Humans do make mistakes or say they make mistakes because they are humans. A passenger may fill in wrong information as a misspelled name or other. Keeping this in view Spirit Airlines devised a procedure that will help the customers to amend their mistakes in bookings. You can change your name lately. This article comprises important information if you are looking to name change on Spirit Airlines. 


Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy


It is always advised to every passenger that before making any changes to their name, go through the name change policy of the Airline to err on the side of caution. Here are some very important statutes of the name change policy given for your reference. 

  •  You can make minor changes in case you misspelled your name, and that is for free, but you need to contact the Airline at least seven days before your flight departure.

  • You are also allowed to make a legal name change for free, provided that you need to attach supporting documents while filing the name change request form.

  • In case you need to make other changes as to your date of birth, passport, gender, or other, then you need to support your claim by the required documents. 

  • You can change only any three letters in your name.

  • If you had made reservations through a travel agency or through any third party, then you may not be able to change it, or you might be charged with a fee for making such changes.


The Documents Which A Passenger Can Use to Claim Change


  • Marriage license

  • Court order

  • Divorcee Decree

  • Legal Name Change Document


Procedure to Change Your Name with Spirit Airlines


The Airline has provided a number of ways for its customers to update name on Spirit Airlines. It has provided online and offline methods so that the customers can opt for any means as per their convenience. The various methods are:


  1. Via Website:-- this is the first online method that you can use easily being at home. Follow the given steps:

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines site at

  •  select the 'Manage my travel' bar available on the homepage.

  • Now enter your name as mentioned in the passport and the confirmation number of your flight reservation that you received in the confirmation mail from Spirit.

  • Now you need to select the 'Edit Booking' option that flashes.

  • Now enter the correct and updated details in the name change. 

  • The changed name will be updated in the systems of Spirit Airlines.

  • Now refresh the page 

  •  you can recheck the updated details.


  1. Via Phone Call:-- You can either choose to call directly to Spirit Airlines Customer Service at 1-801-401-2222 to make changes to your name. Dial this number and connect your call. But to directly speak to the live executive, you need to follow the given IVR:

  • Press 1 to make new bookings

  • Press 2 to check the flight status

  • Press 3 to make flight changes or Press # to talk to Spirit Agent

  • Talk to this person and provide your details as you will be asked and soon, your name will  update.


  1. Via Name Change Form:-- You can also file a name change request form. Follow the given steps to fill out the form:

  • Firstly visit the original site of the Spirit Airlines

  • Go to contact us 

  • There you will find the change name request form

  • Fill in all the asked details and the change you want to make

  • Submit the form 

  • And soon you will get confirmation


  1. Offline Method:-- You can also choose to reach the airport if it is in your vicinity. You  have to reach  booking window there. Tell your issue to the employee and provide the booking details. And the changes will be made to your name as you wish.


  1. Via Email:-Spirit Airlines also provides its customers contact with them via Email. All your need is to write an email at to express your need or wish to change or update your name. Also, you will have to attach the supporting documents which state your name change request. And you will be answered as soon as possible. Most probably, you will be responded to in 24 hours.


How Much Does It Cost to Make Such Changes with Spirit Airlines?

If you wish to make changes that are major, like you need to change your whole name of yours, then you will be liable to pay a change that will be imposed on you by Spirit Airlines. The fee amount ranges up to US$ 120. 


When Should You Request To Make Name Changes?

If you are susceptible that you need to making changes, then you are advised to make changes within 24 hours of the original booking. If it doesn't happen then, then you need to file a name change request using any method by at least seven days prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.

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