Can I Book Group Seats on Lufthansa Airlines?

Does Lufthansa Airlines Book Seats Together?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines provides a group booking facility through which a person can request flight tickets for up to 10 passengers together. This feature is mainly available for those traveling with a team on concert tours and school trips. There could be multiple reasons for a group trip. Check the details here if you want to know the Lufthansa Airlines Group Booking process. To get the Group Booking quotations passenger must have send request for at least 10 travelers or more then 10 and you should pay some portion of the ticket value to hold the booking.

Lufthansa Group Booking Process: 

If you want to apply for group booking, the customer must have shared the request 28 days before, and an individual will receive the quotations over a valid email address. The process will take up to seven days to confirm the booking.

  • To process Group Booking, you must first contact the Lufthansa official website.

  • Kindly click on Menu, where you will see the Group Travel and Lufthansa Charter, Click on it and other multiple choices.

  • Now customers should tap on Group Travel, and the screen will show the form.

  • You should enter the details like passenger name, Email, confirmed email address, Country Code, Area Code, phone number, Address, code, and other essential information such as Group name, departure date, number of travelers, and more.

  • Fill in the details and submit the form; the Airline will send the quotations over Email.

  • Once you finalize it, passengers can make the full payment at least seven days before the departure.

Lufthansa Group Booking Terms and Conditions:

Suppose you plan to travel to specific destinations in groups of 6-7 people. We advise you to proceed with group booking, which is straightforward. If a customer is wondering if I can book seats together in Lufthansa, passengers can reserve seats together in Lufthansa. But customers must know the issued terms and conditions before starting the process to get clarity about the needs.

  • If the customer is traveling solo, no quotation will be shared.

  • Once the passenger confirms the booking from the given choices, payment must be made within seven days of booking to get the confirmation code.

  • The Airline will accept only Credit Cards or Bank transfers for the payments of Group Bookings.

  • You should have submitted the group member names before 14 days of the Scheduled Departure. If the name is offered by the deadline, the booking will get automatically canceled, and the deposit amount will be refunded.

  • Travel documents, i.e., tickets, must be issued before 14 days of the departure of domestic and international flights.

  • If a customer needs to cancel the itinerary, the Airline grants flexibility for 20% of the group tickets withdrawn without fee until the travel documents are issued. Still, a minimum group of 10 people is required.

Passengers must read the group booking terms and conditions to know about all the rules, like payment methods, the time frame of payments, cancellation fees, and more. If you have any confusion related to the Airline group booking form or quotations, please call Lufthansa Customer Service at +1 (802) 341-3459, +1 (802)541-3459 and ask them about the query to get a suitable answer.

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