Guide to the Delta Seat Selection

Guide to the Delta Seat Selection 

Whenever someone decides to travel somewhere by flight, they also want to get a seat with their convenience and comfortability. Now looking for the Delta, you will get multiple classes and seat selection guidelines for the passengers. Delta offers various aspects of the seat selection, which you can avail yourself of as per your concern even after the booking or at the time of check-ins. We will go through the offered Delta Seat Selection Policy and other related points here.

How to Choose Seats During the Booking?

The various classes arrange the seat selection in the Delta. Basic economy, Main cabin, Delta comfort+, First class, Delta premium select, Delta one, and you have complete independence to choose any classes that do not burden your pocket. Just look out for the given steps so you can book your seat from Delta:-

  • Look for the official web page of Delta on your browser.
  • Now select the “Book” icon.
  • Choose your place of origin and destination.
  • Pick the comfortable date and the type of way, i.e., one or two ways.
  • Set the number of passengers and tap on the arrow.
  • Here you can pick your desired class and book your Delta flight.

How to Choose Seats after the Booking?

If your trip is booked with Delta and you want to make some changes, a facility for managing your booking is available for you through which you can make any change in your flight after booking. Some simple steps will help to access this service offered by Delta:-

  • Go for the Delta web page.
  • Tap on the “My trips” icon.
  • Here you will get the space to put your confirmation number
  • After filling in the necessary spaces, you can manage your booking easily.

Manage bookings policy of Delta is variable as it depends upon the time of your booking. If you are managing it within 24 hours of booking, then nothing will be charged from you. And if you are managing it after 24 hours, then you can be charged as per the Delta manage booking policy.

How are the classes of seats different from each other?

Starting from the Basic economy class, it reaches the Delta one class for the most premium passengers. You can choose seats in delta airlines online and start your trip by traveling in any flight class.

Basic Economy:- This is the basic class in Delta, which you can book at the lowest prices. In Delta, the basic economy class is offered with the most restrictions, and sometimes, you do not get your desired seat.

Main Cabin:- This is a type of upgraded class of basic Economy in Delta that you can choose while being an economy class passenger. It is most probably the window seat and more comfortable for the passenger. 

Comfort Plus:- An upgraded class of the Main Cabin that is offered to the passengers with more leg space. Also, a complimentary drink, Beer or Wine, is offered to this class of passengers.

Premium Select:- This premium economy offers reclining seat comfort to the passengers and premium types of snacks and refreshments if offered in this class.

First and Delta One class:- It is offered the most space and the independence of choosing the seat by the passenger without asking for any extra penny. Also, a personal flight attendant is posted for the passengers who have the tickets for this class.

You can book seats in delta airlines and select the Premium, First, and Delta One classes if you want priority boardings and premium meals on your flight with the assistance of your class cabin attendant.

Does Delta Let You Choose Your Seat?

Suppose you have a booking with Delta and wish to make your trip memorable. To make the trip memorable, you must select a seat of your choice. You must go through the selection process and policy to choose a seat. 

To start with, Yes, Delta Airlines lets you choose your seat. But for this, you will understand the policies and process. If you want to know about these, you can go through the same as mentioned in the content below.  

Delta Seat Selection Policy 

If you are traveling with Delta, you can choose your seat. To be able to select a seat o your choice, you will have to go through the policies to understand the process. The policies needed to be taken care of are as follows: 

  • If you possess a basic economy ticket, you must go through the online check-in process to get it done. 

  • If you select a seat within 24 hours of making the booking, you can get it done without paying extra charges. 

  • Through the seat selection process, you are ineligible to upgrade your booking. 

  • Seat selection of preference depends on the seat availability if you get through with the process not early enough. 

  • To select a seat, you will have to do it within the same class as the booking. You cannot change the seat class and the booking class. 

  • Select a seat well in advance to get a seat of your preference. 

  • You can skip the seat selection and only get the check-in done to select a seat of your choice.  

Book Seats in Delta Airlines 

After understanding the policy, you can get to select a seat. To be able to choose seats in delta airlines, you can go through the procedure which is mentioned below in the steps: 

  • Browse through the official website of Delta Airlines

  • Click on the MyTrips option and enter the booking reference code and last name of the passenger. 

  • It will take you to your booking summary. Then, you can tap on the menu icon and then select the select seat option. 

  • It will forward you to the seat map. Choose a seat of your choice and click on proceed. 

  • If you have a paid select selected, you will have to make the patent. To make the payment go ahead with the on-screen instructions. 

  • Now, after making the selection, click on confirm. 

  • You will, after this, receive an email to your registered email address with the newly booking details at the ticket to your email.   

Seat Selection Fee on Delta Airlines

  • If you get through the seat selection well in advance, you can get it for free. 

  • If you have a business or premium class booking, you will not have to pay charges to select a seat of your choice. 

  • If you have to make the payment, selecting a seat on the airline won’t exceed $65. 

Suppose you wish to know more information related to seat selection. In that case, you can go through the official website or call the customer service team at 1800 123 6645, 1802 341 3459 and connect with an executive from the team and help you with your query regarding seat selection. 



1 -Is it necessary to wear a face mask when traveling with Delta?

Wearing the face mask was the foremost priority for passengers during the time of Covid, but now the mandatory restrictions for wearing the mask are no more. You can travel without wearing it as well.


2- How to change or cancel my trip after bookings?

You have an option of “My Trips” on the Delta portal, where you can easily go through the managing options of your bookings.


3- Does Delta offers 24 hours customer service?

Yes, you can be in touch with the customer service team of Delta, which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


All the information related to the Delta guidelines covers seat selection options and how to access them. The classification of the classes will help you to get your desired easily. Also, the FAQs can be helpful in many aspects.

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