Get all Details Regarding Copa Airlines Baggage Policy and Charges

Copa Airline Baggage policy: Fees, Guidelines, and FAQs 


Copa Airlines are one of the best and the most noteworthy airline across the globe. The services of the airlines are best suited for the passengers for they always share the same beautiful experience of traveling with them.


If you have made up your mind to travel with them but are wondering what can you carry on the airplane. Then worry no more! This article will provide you with complete information on Copa airlines Baggage policy. Refer to the page till the end and get the whole information on luggage with the airlines.

Copa Airlines Baggage policy: 


The  Copa Airlines Baggage Policy has allowed two kinds of bags for the complete ride. The policy, terms, and conditions vary for the two baggage. The kinds of baggage and the guidelines associated with them are written below;  


Type of Baggage at Copa Airlines 


  • Checked bags 

  • Carry on bags 


Checked Bags 


The checked bags are the baggage that is checked and then kept in a different compartment away from the passengers. The keynotes of the checked bags policy are written below. 


Keynotes of checked baggage policy 


  • As per the baggage policy of Copa Airline, the allowance of the baggage depends on the travel destination, origin, fare class, and PreferMember status. 

  • The passengers are allowed a carry bag, checked bag, and certain personal items. 

  • The weight and bags allowed are especially given per passenger and can’t be transferred to another passenger. 

  • The Copa airlines baggage fees are subjected to the taxes as per the origin country. 

  • The baggage which exceeds piece limitation, maximum weight, or size dimension will be transported as they are subjected to the availability of the space in the aircraft.


Now, you are allowed two types of bags as per the policy. Continue reading further to know the allowances and limitations of the same. 

Carry On bag 


  • Carry-on baggage is the type of bag that you can carry on the airplane with you. 

  • The dimension of the bag should not exceed 46 linear inches, which is 118 cm (56 cm + 36 cm + 26 cm)

  • If the baggage exceeds then the passengers will have to pay the additional charges for the to exceed in the limitation. If the passenger is unable to pay the additional charges then the airline is not responsible if the luggage is restricted to be entered.


Personal item 


  • Apart from carrying a carry-on bag, you are also allowed to carry a personal item on the board and it can be anything from the below-mentioned item : 

  • Purse, handbag, or a backpack 

  • Briefcase, Laptop bag, or a product that has been purchased at the airport 

  • A video game console 

  • Any food item that can be eaten on the aircraft. 

  • Any item you carry should not exceed the 36 linear inches which are 90 cm (43 cm + 25 cm + 22 cm )

Note: Apart from the carry-on bags and personal items, the passengers are also allowed to carry an additional item on the plane which can be a coat, infant items, wedding dress, or any device as per the special requirement. 

Now, you know the necessary guidelines for Copa Airlines baggage. The baggage policy of the airline. There are certain restrictions which you should be aware of too. Continue reading further to know about it. 


Restrictions as per the baggage policy 


The item which you are not allowed to carry on the airplane and are restricted are mentioned below: 


  • Electronic Cigarettes 

  • Gas cylinder 

  • Heat producing item 

  • Human remains 

  • Camping stoves

  • Soft elements and glass objects. 

Copa Airlines Baggage:  Luggage for Infant 

When you are traveling with an Infant then you need to carry special luggage for your infant as per their age. You should note the following requirements for when you are carrying an infant. 


  • If you are carrying an infant aged between 0 - 23 months old then the infant should travel on the adult’s lap and may not need a carry checked baggage. 

  • An infant who is traveling on the seat should adhere to the baggage policy as a regular passenger.

  • And children are entitled to the same baggage allowances and limitations as per the baggage policy and all of it is like an adult fare.  


Frequently Asked Questions on Copa Airlines Baggage policy 


How early can you check your bag at Copa Airlines? 


The earliest you can check in with Copa Airline is 4 hours with an international flight and 6 hours before a domestic flight. 


How many bags can you carry-on with Copa Airlines? 


As per the Copa airlines baggage policy, the airline allows a carry-on bag that should not exceed 118 cm(56 cm + 36 cm + 26 cm) and a personal time that should not exceed 36 cm. If you carry extra baggage then you are to pay the additional charges. 


How much is an extra bag on Copa Airlines? 


If you carry extra baggage on Copa airlines then you will have to pay an additional charge which might vary from $40 - $50 for the second bag and $170 - $180 for a subsequent bag. 


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