Can You Book Solaseed Flight and Cancel It?

Can You Book A Solaseed Flight and Cancel It?

There are multiple times when customers book Solaseed flight tickets to their traveling destinations and post reservations; they wonder whether they can cancel their bookings.

If you have recently purchased a ticket and, after reservation, you come across an urgent meeting that cannot be canceled or postponed, then you are eligible to cancel your booking and, if required, make a new flight ticket purchase according to your preferred traveling date. Under certain cases, you can also claim a refund from Solaseed Airlines for your flight cancellation. Before canceling your booking, you must always read the important flight cancellation policies. An overview of the same is provided below:

Solaseed Air Flight Cancellation Policies:

The important highlights of Solaseed Air flight cancellation policies are mentioned below, which must be carefully obeyed by travelers before canceling their tickets:

  • Reservation cancellation charges must be paid by the customers to the airline after canceling their flights.

  • If any passenger cancels his booking on the same date of flight purchase that is on the date on which his credit card is charged or on the date when he made the payment by cash, then he is not required to pay additional cancellation charges due to the famous 24-hour flight cancellation policy.

  • If any passenger cancels a booking after the risk-free period of 24 hours, then he is required to pay additional flight cancellation charges. 

  • Flight cancellations must be made before flight departure. 

Solaseed Flight Cancellation Procedure:

If you are wondering what are the available ways to cancel your Solaseed flight, then there are two methods, namely, the online medium and the offline flight cancellation approach. A detailed description of each of the mediums is provided in the following section. 


Online Method to Cancel Solaseed Flights:

If after making a flight reservation, you are thinking, “How do I cancel my solaseed flight online?” Then you simply need to follow the online steps provided below to process the cancelation method:

  • Visit the official Solaseed Air website.

  • Now on the top of the homepage, you will find the “manage reservation” option.

  • To find your bookings, you must enter the departure date, flight reservation number, and passenger name and press the search button.

  • Once you find your booking, tap the “cancel my reservation” option.

  • You need to now press the confirmation checkbox.

  • Soon after saving changes, you will receive a flight cancellation message on your registered email.  


Offline Method to Cancel Your Solaseed Bookings

On multiple occasions, customers complain about not working of the official website of Solaseed airlines; under those circumstances, they have the facility to cancel their booking offline. If you are thinking, “How may I cancel my solaseed flight ticket offline?” Then you must begin the procedure by dialing the official calling number of the airline:

As the call gets answered by computer-recorded voice, you need to follow the instructions provided and press one character from the below-provided IVR menu:

Press 1: For flight reservations

Press 3: For cancellations and refunds

Press 5: To manage your bookings

Press 7: For special assistance

Press *: For directly connecting your call to an airline representative

After pressing one number according to your preference, your call will be connected to the corresponding Solaseed Air customer care representative. You must provide your booking details to cancel your reservation.

What is the Solaseed Flight Cancellation Fee?

If any passenger cancels his booking before flight departure, he must pay an additional fee depending upon various factors like traveling distance and cancellation time. Approximately 75% of the ticket fare is to be paid as cancellation charges. 

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