Can I Get On the Upgrade List Austrian Airlines?

Can I Get On The Upgrade List Austrian Airlines?

If you booked a flight ticket on Austrian airlines and now there are some issues, and you need to upgrade that, then there are multiple ways that you need to know when booking the flight ticket then below are the following that mentioned below. To get all the information related to the upgrade list Austrian Airlines is mentioned, and you can quickly fix all the issues by following them. Read this article till the end to get all the information in detail.

The Process To Make the Upgrade on Austrian Airlines:-

If you think Can I get on the upgrade list Austrian Airlines? Then, here are the following all the details that are mentioned below for you to fix all the issues, and you need to follow them correctly:-

  • Firstly, you have to access the official website of Austrian Airlines and then move to manage my trip options. 

  • Then you have to enter the passenger's last name and reference code. 

  • Now, open up the new list of itinerary details that appear on your screen, and then you have to fetch them and tap on the reservations that you want to upgrade. 

  • After that, click on the seat upgrade option when you search for the corresponding booking. 

  • The list of unoccupied seats or bookings will appear, and select that which you want by clicking on that. 

  • Now, Enter your name, age, and many other required details to make the booking. 

  • Then, you have to make the payment by selecting the mode of payment and entering the other payment details. The fare charges you need to pay that is dependent on your previous flight ticket charge and the difference between your current flight price. 

  • Lastly, when you make the payment successfully, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered email address and contact number.

Additionally, you will get the confirmation message of your flight seat upgradation within 72 hours of your flight scheduled departure, whether it is accepted or not. Until then, there are many chances that you will get to make other upgradation or want to cancel that. If your upgradation bid is confirmed, you will get your new seat details and additional information, but if they are not accepted, you will get the original seat you selected to make a change. 

Alternative Ways To Make Upgradations:-

There are some other ways that you can use to connect with customer services to make the upgrades which are through the official contact number of airline customer services. To get their official number, below are the following steps that are mentioned to follow:-


  • Initially, visit the official website of the airline and then move to the contact us page. 

  • When you click on that, then start searching for the official contact number of the airline.

  • Now, when you get the number then, dial that +43 1 70148 1000 and connect with a virtual service that assists you in following all the instructions and connect with a real person from the airline to make the upgrade. 

Conditions that are Applicable to Upgrade:-

There are some conditions that assist you in making the upgrade, and below is the following all the list that is mentioned:-


  • The upgrade is only applied if availability is the premium economy or business class. 

  • When you have confirmed reservations, if your ticket is on the waiting list, then you are not eligible to make any upgrades. 

  • If you have a valid and issued economy or premium economy class ticket, then you can make any upgrade. 

  • When the Austrian scheduled flight are operated by their own airlines, which is under OS flight number like OSxxx. 


Hope that all the details mentioned above article will be helpful and advantageous for you. If you still have any doubts, then you can clear that by connecting with airline experts. Also, for more information, you can visit our other articles. 

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